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Vidhi reverses PCOD, anxiety & insomnia and discovers true meaning of joy

A young girl of 13, living away from home trying to keep up with her studies while struggling with a number of health problems. Whether it is annual sports day or weekly class tests, Vidhi found herself missing out on more than just her school life. Until one day when she randomly found a YouTube video that completely transformed her life. Let’s learn what was changed now.


Vidhi Tulsyan
                         23 year old
             Graphic Designer 
                     Surat, Gujarat
                   Diseases reversed

              PCOD, Insomnia & anxiety

                 Workshops attended                             Juice Fast Workshop (April 2020)
                  Time taken to heal
                         3 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema 
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Yoga
                       Email address


How funny yet beautiful is the thought that a young girl who used to seek happiness and bliss in branded shoes and clothes finally found it in simply sitting under the sun with nothing but nature & her thoughts to keep her company."

A childhood full of struggles

I was living away from home in an all-girls boarding school in Rajasthan when it began. From early on, I didn't get my periods for months but when it came the bleeding lasted for 15- 20 days straight. Along with excruciating stomach cramps & body ache, my confused 13-year-old self had to figure out ways to make up for all the classes missed at school. The following days were even worse; my body felt 100 times weaker, there was nausea, fatigue  & severe weakness all over. I couldn't take part in any sports or cultural activities or focus on studies. I feel, more than my health it was my school years that were being sacrificed. I had to constantly look out for myself while my friends were living their best carefree lives; eating junk, attending fests, having fun and all the way making me question, why only I have to go through all this? 

Vidhi with her friends from boarding school 

When children my age were conducting experiments in the school's chemistry lab, I was testing out a new PCOD medicine, hoping to see some miracle happen. In the past 10 years, I have tried every possible medical treatment; from having birth control pills to popping homoeopathy medicines throughout the day, to horrible & heavily dosed ayurvedic tablets. Growing up my room’s cabinet had more variety of medicines than stationary or books.


A random encounter with hope

10 years down the line when the whole world is in lockdown, who knew that one random Saturday evening while casually searching for a soup recipe on YouTube, I will stumble upon the answer to all my prayers in a video by Satvic Movement. I watched one video, then another, then another and with each video I found my 13-year-old self smiling back to me bigger and bigger. She was finally getting all her answers. 

My healing journey began with a 3-day juice fast in April 2020. It was challenging yet I was more excited than ever. In those 3 days, I learned more about my body and health than 13 years of school education could ever teach me. My mornings started with a big glass of green juice, followed by a platter of fresh fruits combined with heartwarming sunbath. I was finding joy in cooking my own meals, my all-time favorite being coco-quinoa bowl. Instead of anxious thoughts and tears, my days ended with a refreshing brisk walk in nature followed by a colorful bowl of salad. Doing an enema twice or thrice a week made me realize how healing is not just about doing the right thing but also about letting go of all the wrongs. 


Embarking upon a journey 

What I also realized was that healing doesn't come without a cost. Within a week of following the Satvic Lifestyle, my skin became loose and saggy, I was losing too much weight, new pimples were popping up on my skin. People started commenting on how I looked & and the weight I was losing. Kuch kha liya kar kitni kamzor hogai hai ( You should eat something, you ‘ve become so weak) was the first thing coming out of all my relative's mouths. But there was something in me that asked me to hold on and continue down this way. I was feeling a wave of change stirring inside me, I knew what was coming was far more valuable and beautiful than this. 

Within a month of following the Satvic lifestyle my periods came naturally for the first time, my skin was glowing and all the anxiety and stress was gone and to my mother’s relief the insomniac millennial in me fell in love with waking up with the first rays of the sun.


Finding the peace within 

From posting Instagram stories about new TV series I am watching to now sharing smoothie and salad recipes. From recommending new products to pleading everyone to go watch Minimalism*, this journey has given me more than I asked for. However, the most beautiful part of this journey was not healing my PCOD or getting rid of my anxiety or my mother bragging about how health-conscious her daughter has become (which definitely is a close second) but to develop a deeper connection with God and everyone around me. It was not only the lifestyle or the food that changed me but the people I met in Satvic community that made me realize the power of faith and love in God. 

Vidhi spending her morning hours in a park while sunbathing 

How funny yet beautiful is the thought that a young girl who used to seek happiness and bliss in branded shoes and clothes finally found it in simply sitting under the sun with nothing but nature & her thoughts to keep her company. 



If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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