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Clay Ware


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Key Features :
  • Handmade : All pots are handmade with a lot of love and care, by Rajasthani artisans. 
  • Pure : The clay used is extremely pure, naturally excavated from a lake in Alwar. No chemicals have been used in any step of the way. 
  • Un-glazed : These clay utensils have not been coated with any chemical. 


Benefits of clay ware :
  • More nutrition in your food
    Clay is porous in nature and hence, it allows heat and moisture to circulate through your pot, unlike metals. Because heat is circulated, the temperature is never raised too much, thus preserving the vitamins and minerals of your food.

  • Enhances flavour of food
    When you cook in clay, it leaves a natural sweetness in your food. Food cooked in clay is more flavourful, and has an earthy flavour, which is not obtained by any other metal. 

  • Lesser usage of oil
    Due to its heat resistance and slow cooking, the food retains all its oils and moisture; therefore, you wouldn't require extra oil and fat for providing moisture to your food.

  • Eco-friendly
    When making unglazed clay pots, you don’t need chemicals. Most other utensils are made using chemicals that are toxic in nature. Moreover, claypots are made using a soil which decomposes back into the soil. 
  • Clay Ware is the perfect choice for those seeking durable and high-quality kitchen utensils. Made from 100% natural, earthen material, these utensils are not only eco-friendly but also retain heat for longer cooking times. Experience the benefits of cooking with Clay Ware today!

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