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The Journey of Satvic Movement

Satvic Movement is an online holistic health education platform. Founded in August 2017, it has today become a rapidly growing organization that has transformed the lives of millions of people. 
Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf together lead Satvic Movement. Both co-founders have battled chronic conditions and overcome them through the Satvic way of life. Their own healing journeys had such a great influence on them, that they decided to dedicate their lives to sharing this timeless health wisdom with the world. Over time, Satvic Movement has evolved into a leading education platform.

Here's a Brief Journey of Satvic Movement


1) The Beginning 🌠

As a child, Subah went through 7 years of sickness. At a young age of 13, Subah was diagnosed with thyroid disorder. She was extremely overweight. Despite taking medications prescribed by doctors, her condition only worsened when she was later diagnosed with PCOD. 

"People start their day with breakfast, but I started my day with taking 7 different pills. The doctors told me that these are ‘lifestyle diseases. They are normal’. To have so many diseases at a young age really scared me. I spent my whole childhood feeling helpless, not being able to share this pain with anyone", said Subah. 


2) The Turning Point  🚦

In 2016, Subah's life took an unexpected turn. She met various masters who shared with her that medicines weren't the answer for her health issues. They taught her about the power of reconnecting with Nature and adopting a Satvic diet and lifestyle. Having exhausted all her options, she decided to give their teachings a try.

After just four months of following this new lifestyle, she had a breakthrough moment: her blood tests came normal. She was surprised to see that diseases for which she was taking medicine for so many years had simply disappeared by changing her food and lifestyle. 

This experience inspired her to dedicate her life to sharing this natural health wisdom with others. She trained rigorously under Indian masters and international institutes including the Hippocrates Health Institute to become a health educator.


3) The Union  ❤️

In 2019, when Subah was looking for a venue to host health workshops in Mumbai, she happened to find a space which was run by Harsh. He went through a similar healing journey and he too was able to radically reverse his psoriasis and sinusitis by following a similar lifestyle as her.

"I believe God made us meet because we had the same mission in life: to serve others by sharing this ancient health wisdom in modern applicable terms, so that no one has to suffer the way we did.", says Subah. 


4) The Growth of the Movement  🔊

As Subah and Harsh started uploading more videos, millions of people around the world immediately connected to this message of health, and started experiencing the same benefits that they did. And that led to the formation of Satvic Movement.

Today there’s a beautiful Satvic community all over the world, and more than 30 team members who work day and night to take this movement forward.

In India, Satvic Movement’s work of providing health-education content & online workshops, has reached over 5 million subscribers on its Youtube Channel and 1 million followers on Instagram. The Satvic Food Book, distributed by HarperCollins, has reached more than 70,000 readers. The online workshops have till date reached over 1,00,000 total participants, and for several of them, it has transformed their lives. The organisation has 30 full time team members who work remotely.

We wholeheartedly thank you for being a part of Satvic Movement’s journey. Whether you’ve watched only one video of ours, or attended a program, doesn’t matter. You make Satvic Movement what it is. And we are truly grateful for that.


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