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Combo Pack of 3 Satvic Food Books

What's Included?

  • Food Book 1 (English)
  • Food Book 2 (English)
  • Satvic Indian Food Book (English)
  • Books Jacket

This special book collection contains three remarkable books that will guide you on a journey of discovering delicious meals to achieve your ultimate, peak health. Each book in the collection has its focus.

The first book is all about healing. It offers recipes designed to help heal the body and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases. The second book is a celebration of Satvic eating. It features Satvic versions of vibrant dishes like pizzas, nachos, chaats, and more. The third book is dedicated to traditional Satvic Indian cuisine with rich aromatic spices and vibrant vegetables.

All recipes in this collection are free from refined oil, sugar, pungent spices, milk and milk products, and processed foods.

Apart from the recipes, the books also contain:

  • 21 Satvic Food Laws (rules to remember while Satvic cooking)
  • Guide to setup your Satvic Kitchen (shopping lists, equipment needed)
  • Meal Plans for disease reversal
  • Menus to host Satvic parties

Packed with beautiful photography, the Satvic Food Book Collection integrates traditional healing wisdom with contemporary nutritional science and invites you to change your relationship with food and radically enhance your health, digestion, radiance, and bliss.

Language: All three books in this combo pack are in English language.

Books Type : Hardcover.

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