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Ritika's journey from TSH of 159 to 0.91!

"How did your TSH remain stabilized even after stopping the thyroid medicines?” asked the surprised doctor. “We don't see anything abnormal in your ultrasound reports”, said the confused sonography technician. “Why do you want to stop eating the usual breakfast and switch to eating fruits? Asked Ritika’s parents. “How do you manage to lose so much weight yet stay so active all day?” asked Ritika’s friends and family. Here is a small peek into Ritika’s U-turn towards health.


Ritika Jain 
                        32 year old
                   Diseases reversed

      PCOD, Hypothyroid and weight loss

                 Workshops attended                                               None 
                  Time taken to heal
                         6 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema 
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Yoga
                       Email address


“My doctors told me You cannot get rid of PCOD, there is no cure for thyroid, but just by following Satvic lifestyle, not only did my diseases vanish, but I left my doctors speechless!”


Ritika ji, how did it all start? When did you realize you needed medical attention?

I have always been an active person, all of a sudden in 2016 when my weight increased, I got tired easily and soon after, my periods were irregular, I thought this was because I was stressing out, but my stress only increased more because of these sufferings and I had to break out of this vicious cycle to get my monthly cycles and life back on track!
It turned out that my TSH was 159 (ideal TSH is 0.5 to 3) because of which the doctor immediately put me on Thyronorm 100 mcg and later increased it to 125 mcg. Due to my irregular periods, I got an ultrasound done and they told me I had cysts in both my ovaries. The doctor told me there is no medication for PCOD but he explained to me about the insulin imbalance and put me on insulin medication.

This meant thyronorm had become the pre-breakfast norm of my life. I also had to include insulin meds for combatting PCOD.


How did PCOD and Hypothyroid change your life?

These diseases are not as apparent as other diseases and people believe it is no big deal to have PCOD or Thyroid, but trust me, each day was a rollercoaster of mood swings. I felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained at all times, these changes not only affected me but also my relationships with those around me. Back then I had forgotten what peace and happiness felt like.


What was the turning point in your life? 

I kept on Googling for a solution, that is when I came across the Satvic Movement’s YouTube video of “Reverse any diseases just by changing your diet” it sounded very safe and i wanted to try it immediately, I was very excited and willing to change my lifestyle,  but I had a family to take care of, and two little kids, I kept on procrastinating for 2 whole months and I realized that unless I take a leap of faith, nothing would change.

I started with 16-hour fasting, for which, I just changed my dinner and breakfast timings. Next, I switched to fruits for breakfast. After a while, I introduced a Satvic salad for lunch. These are the main steps I did regularly and I later on after seeing positive changes, I added sunbathing, exercises, and pranayama to my routine.  


What changes did you experience as a result of trying the Satvic lifestyle?

Where do I even begin? The changes I experienced are nothing short of miracles for me! The most noticeable change was my weight loss- over 6 months of making the above changes, I lost up to 20 kilos! From gymming hard for hours and not losing a single gram to making small changes in food habits and losing 20 kilos! 


Ritika ji practicing yoga and pranayama on her terrace

Another change that reports can prove was- within six months of following the lifestyle, I reversed my PCOD, and gradually, with my doctor’s consultation, I was able to stop my thyroid medication altogether! It’s been over 10 months that I took my last thyroid pill!

I was able to Live life to the fullest, my family time is filled with smiles and laughter, not just my energy levels and emotions, even my mental health has gotten such a big boost that I feel I have finally stepped out of my the emotional roller coaster, on to the stable ground. I feel extremely grateful!


Since you visited your doctors often, how was their reaction to your transformation?

After following the lifestyle, I felt a lot of improvement within me, although my TSH levels were decreasing, my doctor told me to continue with my medicines as well as the Satvic lifestyle, gradually, under my doctor’s monitoring, and sticking to Satvic lifestyle, I was able to get a TSH of 0.91 within six months and maintain it at 1.28 till date, my doctor told me I am a role model for him and that coming from a doctor felt like a big achievement!

With these results, I was sure that even my PCOD would have improved, so when I went to get sonography, the technicians were confused as to my reason for the visit, they asked me blankly why the doctor sent me, I had to tell them about my PCOD, they checked and confirmed that there was no trace of PCOD left in my ovaries!


What is your message for our readers?

If you want to get rid of your limitations and really take your life to another level, give this lifestyle a try, you don’t have to buy any fancy tonics or medicines, there are no side effects to this lifestyle, just let mother nature’s colorful fruits and vegetables do their magic upon you!



If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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