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Satvic Starter Kit


Note: Currently, we are shipping this product only to Indian residents. 

This starter kit contains the 4 essential tools that you need to begin the Satvic lifestyle. These 4 tools are:

  1. Satvic Food Book (hard cover) This book is a food guide containing timeless knowledge of healing the body with plant-based food, without any medicine. It contains over 45 plant-based Satvic healing recipes curated by author Subah Saraf, including detox salads, healing soups, and classic Indian cuisine such as Satvic chapati, Satvic khichadi and Satvic sabzi.

  2. Enema : This is a safe and easy tool to clean your intestines. It allows you to take in water in your colon using a thin pipe. The water loosens the waste and toxins stuck on the intestines from years of wrong eating, so that it can finally exit your body. Don't worry! Enema is completely safe, pain free and extremely easy to take.

  3. Wet Pack : This comes with 3 clothes - for your abdomen, head and neck. After wetting it in cold water, you need to apply it simultaneously on all 3 regions together, and gradually, the waste and toxins inside start circulating, and get ready to exit your body. This takes only 30-40 minutes of your time, and can be applied while doing other activities. 

  4. Sprout Kit : Sprouts are the world's most nutritious foods. They contain an abundance of life giving energy. This sprout kit contains 4 varieties - alfalfa, clover, fenugreek and radish, as  they are the easiest to grow in Indian climatic conditions and very quick to digest. 

This starter kit is perfect for anyone starting their Satvic journey!

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