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Satvic Food Book 1




This Book guide contains timeless knowledge on the healing properties of plant-based cuisine, offering over 55 curated recipes by author Subah Saraf.

These include detox salads, healing soups, and classic Indian dishes such as chapati, khichadi, and sabzi. All dishes are free from refined ingredients and made with natural, unprocessed elements for optimal nutrition.

The Satvic Food Book is also visually stunning, inviting readers to transform their health, digestion, and well-being through plant-based eating.

Apart from the recipes, the book also contains:

  • 21 Satvic Food Laws (rules to remember while Satvic cooking)
  • Guide to setup your Satvic Kitchen (shopping lists, equipment needed)
  • Meal Plans for disease reversal
  • 4 Satvic Food Principles 
  • 6 Laws of Mindful Eating 

Language: Available in both English and Hindi

ISBN: 9789355780690 & 9789354935084 

Copyright © Subah Saraf 2018


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