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Neha reverses her thyroid in just 3 months and finds a new love for life

“You will reverse your thyroid!” 

The exclamation mark is not just my excitement, but a stamp of approval from my own personal journey. Even though it may be playing out like there’s a question mark at the end of it in your head, I did reverse my thyroid in just 3 months. So what brought back the light into my life? Pills? Consulting with 10 dieticians? Or divine intervention on Diwali night? Let’s find out…


Neha Madaan 
                        27 year old
International recruitment head
                   Diseases reversed

                Thyroid & excess weight 

                 Workshops attended                                               None
                  Time taken to heal
                          3 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema 
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga
                       Email address


“As the warmth of the sunlight hit my skin, it felt like my cells were yawning and waking out of a deep sleep. Something was melting within me. It wasn’t just the toxins, but the belief that I was a “patient” was melting away too.”

Turning away from life 

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the unhealthiest of them all?”

That’s all I could ask myself whenever I occasionally gathered the courage to stand in front of a mirror. 

Sometimes you’d wake up to your favourite dress betraying your waist. Sometimes you’d wake up to your hands swelling up like someone dropped a hammer on them. So the mirror became a distant stranger day by day. And even when I did gather the courage to look into it, I could only see a distorted glimpse of my distorting form through my swollen eyes. 


Neha struggling with excess weight before starting the Satvic lifestyle  

I had no idea why my body was betraying me at the age of 27. So after endlessly stressing myself out by diagnosing myself through Dr. Google, I decided to finally get tested. My thyroid levels were way above normal (9.5 TSH). I watched my doctor scribbling down 5-6 names in an unreadable handwriting that only a pharmacist can decode. As he signed on this lifelong list of prescription pills, I felt like I was signing away my freedom.

The pills weren’t good enough to silence the loud “WHY” that echoed through my head. Initially, I blamed my sleep schedule for it as I was working overnight to sync with my US clients. And I felt like my body was falling out of sync with nature. So I consulted with a dietician to help me understand how I could gain 15 kgs in a few weeks despite being lean for most of my life. 

But soon, consultation turned into consultations – with up to 10 dieticians to be specific. I was furiously scribbling notes about contradictory food philosophies in handwriting worse than my doctor’s. I could barely understand it 5 mins after writing it down. My confusion was higher than my thyroid levels at this point and there was no solution in sight.


Finding the light 

After months of avoiding social gatherings thanks to my piling weight and eroding confidence, I finally caught up with my whole family at Diwali. At first, it went exactly like how I feared – becoming the center of attention as the object of pity for the rest of my family.

Surprisingly, my brother’s face didn’t mirror their panic. When he was doing my teeka, he looked at me reassuringly. Little did I know he was about to fulfil his Rakshabandhan vow on Diwali night. 



Neha detoxifying her body with wet packs                                              

He introduced me to the Satvic Movement YouTube channel and started inspiring me to go through some of his favourite videos. The idea of cleansing your body to clear out the roots of the disease felt really intuitive to me. And my brother’s vibrant health and calmness was undeniable. If diving into the Satvic lifestyle was what it took to get to where he was, I was willing to dive in headfirst. 

So I took up a 3-month deep cleansing challenge by following the Satvic lifestyle religiously.


Turning back towards life 

I still remember the first therapy of my first day following the Satvic lifestyle like it was yesterday. I stepped out to sunbathe on a chilly winter morning. And as the warmth of the sunlight hit my skin, it felt like my cells were yawning and waking out of a deep sleep. Something was melting within me. It wasn’t just the toxins, but the belief that I was a “patient” was melting away too. I felt so good that I sat there for an hour.

I was never a fan of working out or doing yoga in the morning, but Surya deva was such a beautiful workout companion, that saying no to them became impossible. 

Neha sunbathing in her balcony 

Coming from a larger than life Punjabi family where Chhole Bhature is its own religion, switching to Satvic foods wasn’t that easy at first. I was addicted to tea and couldn’t resist stacking my kitchen cupboards with all kinds of chips, biscuits, and chocolates. 

At the same time, I was curious to see whether my so-called comfort food was the source of my discomfort. So I dumped my tea for a tall glass of ash gourd juice only to wake up with more energy than my tea could give me. And the best part was – I was energetic throughout the day now. I followed it with a seasonal fruit breakfast and my favourite beetroot chapatis and Satvic sabzi for lunch. At night, cooking dinner in my kitchen was like celebrating Holi, as I experimented with all kinds of colourful veggies for my soups or salads. 

In the first week, I lost over 2.5 kgs and was taken aback at how quickly my symptoms were calming down. Was it a smooth ride? No. I did face diarrhoea, occasional headaches, and vomiting within the first few days of limiting my food intake. But did I freak out? Absolutely not! Maybe I would have earlier, but I understood now that these detox symptoms were just Mother Nature’s way of throwing out the burden of my past mistakes.

So I persisted and followed the same routine for the next 3 months and embraced 2 more detox buddies - wet pack and enema. I used to experience frequent blood clotting in my body, which didn’t allow me to sit straight. After using wet packs regularly, I was able to do that properly again. I would only use enemas once a week whenever my body felt overloaded.

Over the next 3 months, I lost almost 10-11 kgs and my thyroid levels dropped from 9.5 – 0.3 TSH. My vitamin D and calcium deficiency disappeared. Witnessing my transformation, my mother who was initially opposing my decision, started following it too. Today, her youthful features are the highlight of every party she goes to. Hearing “Ye kaun sa amrit pee liya? Humein bhi toh batao.” (Which immortality nectar did you drink? Tell us about it) is a popular request wherever she goes. My sister and I both got rid of the black patches we had developed on our skin.

Neha staying on top of her morning workout routine tracking her progress

I started loving the lightness my lifestyle was giving me – a lightness not just of body, but a lightness of mind. I was extremely short-tempered by nature and my friends, family, and colleagues would always be on their guard hoping not to say the wrong word to trigger it. But I could sense them lightening up in my presence now and being free to express themselves without hesitating. 


A life unlimited 

When I started reading the Bhagavad Gita, I smiled knowing Krishna must surely be smiling down on me, because I could now check off a lot more Satvic personality traits than Rajasic or Tamasic ones.

If I had to define what living Satvic means to me in one word, it would be freedom!

It freed me from my thyroid medication (Thyroxin 50 mg) and anxiety pills (Atarax).

It freed me from toxic cosmetics and processed foods. I even grow some of my own food now and only use honey and turmeric for my skin.

It freed me from playing hide-and-seek for my happiness and health in the material world. When I look in the mirror now, I understand that my problems are only a mirror for my habits. And everything I need is already within me, lovingly gifted by Mother Nature. All we have to do is wake up and reclaim this sacred gift. 



If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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