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Tushar’s sinus symptoms half gone in 2 days, and fully reversed in 28!

If someone told me that I could win my 5-year old battle with Sinus in just 2 days, I’d tell you that I’ve heard fairy tales more believable than that. But here I am – living and breathing example of how a healing plan can inject more magic and adventure into your life than any fairy tale. Let me tell you what sword and shield Mother Nature gifted me to beat the monster of mucus that had stolen my breath, my vision and my peace of mind away. 


      Tushar Rohilla
                        22 years old
              Bahadurgarh, Haryana
                  Diseases reversed


                  Workshop attended                                             None
                  Time taken to heal
                          28 days

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
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Sinus ke saath jeena jeena nahin, har pal doobne jaisa hai. Jab tak hum apne mucus ko jad se nahin nikaal phenkenge, tab tak har saans ke liye ladte rahenge. (Living with sinusitis is not really living, it’s like drowning every moment. Until we don’t throw out the root cause of our mucus, we’ll keep fighting for every breath.)” 

Haunted by the monster of mucus

I was prepared for the pandemic 5 years before it even started. How? You’ll find out soon.

I was diagnosed with Sinusitis in 2016. My battle had begun right at the moment I left the doctor’s office. I crossed the road to fetch a soon-to-be useless inhaler from the chemist wearing a tight handkerchief over my nose and mouth to avoid the dust. It wasn’t long before the handkerchief mask became a part of my unofficial uniform no matter where I went.

When my friends and family were excited to step out and celebrate seasonal festivals like Baisakhi or Lohri, I was terrified of the seasonal shift aggravating my condition and locked myself in a room. Quarantine was turning into my natural habitat. As the aroma of halwa filled the house while they celebrated, I was busy huffing and puffing steam and Vicks vapours under a blanket. Well, I wouldn’t know the difference between Vicks or halwa during those days anyway. Why? Because the monster of mucus had flooded my nose to imprison my sense of smell. Even when I stepped out of my room to greet the guests, I would be the last one to get picked to serve food to guests as everyone would cross their fingers hoping I wouldn’t sneeze on it.

Things started getting scary when this monster started imprisoning my sense of vision too. Yes, my vision was blurry for most of the day because my eyes were constantly watering. Imagine how scary it is to drive a car with a foggy windshield on a highway. That was my life 24/7. I could barely read my BBA course textbooks. And I definitely wouldn’t be able to gaze at a screen and type without making a hundred mistakes. Writing this story would’ve been unimaginable.

My breaking point came when I had to take a break from college for a month to recover from my condition. I knew I had to take my life back from this monster before it took away my future.


Finding my sword and shield to beat the monster

April 2020, I began my juice fast with the online Facebook community. On the third day, my swelling was already down by 20%. And that was all I needed as a sign to give this lifestyle a shot. I had been known for my determination, and this is exactly where I decided to test it. For three months I stuck to the lifestyle with complete sincerity.

Until then, all my defenses against Sinusitis had fallen. I had jumped from allopathy to homeopathy, and homeopathy to Ayurveda. But the temporary relief I’d get would be shorter than my college lunch recesses and the symptoms would get even worse. With a pill in my right hand and a YouTube video playing on my phone in my left, my faith was falling while the medical bills kept piling up. Until one day in November 2020, when I stumbled upon Satvic Movement's sinus reversal video, which suggested to drop the pills instead of popping them. 

The concept of mucus-creating foods and mucus-cleansing foods shared in the video really caught my attention. I looked down at my plate at the pooris, parathas, and sandwiches that I would have 3 times a day. And I wondered – “Had I been pointing a finger at the wrong culprits all along? Maybe it wasn't the weather or the dust to blame. Were my heavy grain meals the best friends of my mucus monster betraying me from within?”

So on day one, I was excited to find out what happens when I cut down from 3 grain meals a day to 1 grain meal. And I was amazed to see the incredible lightness in my body that sprung up overnight. My head wasn’t heavy when I woke up and I slept peacefully without feeling breathless in the night. The next day I started implementing all the steps of the Satvic lifestyle plan. I only skipped using wet packs as it was too cold during the winter.

I started my day with a tall glass of ash gourd juice. It was like finding an internal sponge that could clean up my mucus from within instead of wasting dozens of napkins cleaning up my nostrils from the outside. At 10 am, I would have a plate full of 2-3 of my favourite fruits. At 1 pm, I followed another Satvic Movement YouTube video to prepare my first ever Satvic sabzi and roti for lunch. I ended my day with a light soup or salad dinner around 6 pm.

Tushar having morning fruit breakfast while sunbathing 

By the end of day 2, 50% of my Sinusitis symptoms had disappeared into thin air. I was so thrilled that I bought a set of clay tawas and handis for my home because I couldn’t contain my excitement about the power of this lifestyle. 

At the same time, overcoming my snacking habit felt like a big challenge when I started 16 hour fasting. But every time I looked at a Maggi packet or a bag of chips, I would visualize how it would look inside my body a few hours later – a big ball of disgusting mucus. 

As the war against my mucus monster raged on, it threw a lot of headaches and non-stop sneezing fits to discourage me. A part of me started doubting whether this was another case of temporary relief that leads to nowhere. 

But I knew I had to soldier on without suppressing my mucus with medicines. Mother Nature had armed me with even better detox weapons like enema and sunbathing to accelerate the mucus cleansing. Although my brother and sister made fun of me for experimenting with enema, my stomach felt absolutely heavenly after doing it. I could actually see the mucus leaving my body through my stool. It was so easy that I felt like I had to put more effort in cutting a fruit than using my enema kit to detox. Sitting in the sun after that felt like my mucus monster was bowing down in submission to Mother Nature and quietly melting away.

Tushar showing us his favourite detox friend - enema


Winning the war  

After 28 days of following this lifestyle, my headaches were history, my breath was free from all blockages, my vision was clear, my brain fog had lifted, and even my digestive issues had cleared up. For the first time, I found a natural lifestyle that truly left no trace of Sinusitis in my body while leaving behind a signature of a permanent smile as evidence. 

I do wish I had more time to show my smile now that I finally found the opportunity to drop my handkerchief mask while the rest of the world started using masks during the pandemic. We all spent most of last year in quarantine, but honestly, I felt freer than ever. When my family saw my transformation and I fed them some delicious Satvic Gajar ka halwa to celebrate, more than half my household started embracing the Satvic lifestyle step-by-step as well.

It made me realize that when you let Mother Nature be your sword and shield, you won’t just be empowered to save yourself from diseases, but the lives of everyone you love too. Just try it for 2 days and let your body do the talking…


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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