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Seema unbelievably reverses Rheumatoid Arthritis in 3 months!

Seema ji, a Bharatnatyam dancer, and an active sporty person got the shock of her life before her B.E. Final year exam - A test report which shattered all her future plans and dreams, a condition that made her miss her final exams, a condition that snatched her ability to walk, let alone dance, a condition that made her social life impossible. Google search defined her condition as irreversible, and something that would only become worse and more painful as she would age, Can Seema ji redefine her condition? Can she prove Google results wrong? Let’s find out


Watch Seema Umashankar's complete healing story here-


Seema Umashankar 
                        31 year old
Health Educator (YouTube)
                   Diseases reversed

                   Rheumatoid Arthritis 

                 Workshops attended                                               None
                  Time taken to heal
                          3 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema 
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga
                       Email address


“ Having Rheumatoid Arthritis made me feel like I was a walking zombie or a robot. I felt trapped in my painful body, each step I took was fueled by painkillers and steroids. Every time I disturbed my family for help, I felt like a burden. I felt there is no point in living such a life.  Coming across Satvic movement videos has turned my life around, it has given me the courage to dream again, a purpose to live once again."


One step closer

In 2008, along with all my peers, I was attending my final year B.E. classes, giving practicals and planning about my future and my career. One fine day as I was taking notes, I felt difficulty in raising my hand, despite pain killers my hand kept aching. After running multiple tests, to my horror, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctor said it is impossible to cure it, and it would keep on getting worse with time. Not one person said there was any chance of recovery, in fact, people said my future was going to be full of pain killers, steroids and stiffness. The full-blown impact hit me when right before my final year exams I could not even hold a pen. Just like that, for no fault of mine, my career, my dreams, and my finances- slipped through my fingers and shattered. 


New normal

Earlier, it was normal for me to do Bharatanatyam(a classical Indian dance form) for hours, it was normal for me to go for my Karate classes, it was normal for me to jump two steps at a time on the stairs, it was normal for me to play sports and run around all day, to hang out with friends, stroll at the beach and just enjoy life.

Seema being fed by her parents 

Now, it was normal to be at home 24x7, to pop painkillers and steroids multiple times a day, it was normal not to meet my friends at all, and to keep calling for my dad or mom for every little thing- be it switching on the light or eating my meals, forget dancing, every step I took felt like I was walking on shattered glass. I used to wonder, when this is how life is going to be, what is the point of living?


A tiny ray of hope 

One day, as I was watching videos to distract myself from my pain, I came across something unusual- story after story, I saw people reversing their diseases. What was unusual is, they did not recommend any life-changing pill or exercises. It was a life-changing food habit. Initially, it seemed too good to be true but as I kept watching more videos, I understood that the power to heal myself lies within me- the best remedy is already within me in seed form, I just had to nurture it with sunlight, vegetable juices, fresh air, and some exercises. This changed the way I looked at my condition. I was no longer a “victim” of arthritis, but a potential success story myself!


My life changing routine 

I started with the simplest step- just sitting in sunlight for a few minutes. With every passing day the pain of climbing downstairs for sunbathing reduced. It felt like Sun’s golden rays along with the cool soft breeze melted all the swellings of my joints. I could feel my stiff muscles and joints loosen up as I did warm-up exercises in the sunlight.  Doctors had asked me to have Vitamin D supplements, but after sunbathing, I threw all of my vitamin D supplements pills into the dustbin as now I had the luxury of having 100% pure, free of cost vitamin D!


Seema practising pranayama while sunbathing

Wet pack, followed by enema worked wonders in clearing out all the old processed food stuck inside my tummy which had turned into a toxin-factory. I spent years if not decades accumulating all the toxins from junk food, but it only took 3 months for mother nature to clean all of it from within, with the help of sweat from my exercise, enema, wet pack, salads, and fruits. No matter how complex the problem, mother nature’s solutions were always simple.

Initially, even small exercises like wrist rotation seemed torturous. So I started doing exercises sitting on my bed, I played some music and did joint exercises to the beat. as the saying goes, “Consistency is the key” being consistent helped me to eventually climb downstairs by myself and have a good intense workout session with yoga, and cardio!

And guess what instantly recharges my batteries after an intense sweat-session? My fresh green cucumber-celery juice.
Later on, around 9 AM, I would have my fresh green smoothie made of spinach and some seasonal fruits, topped with roasted seeds and nuts.

Around noon, I had plenty of fruits to choose from(only one kind of fruit at a meal) - Mother nature’s breakfast buffet is sweeter, tastier, and 10 times more wholesome than your dessert buffet!

For lunch, my mom picked anyone grain- brown rice/ millets/ quinoa and then she loaded it with a triple load of vegetables like sweet carrots, cauliflower, beetroot, and peas.

And for my last meal at 6 PM, I enjoyed stir-fried vegetables like cauliflower, beans, peas, and carrots. The second choice was warm satvic soups and my favourite option was my colourful bowl of salad. I imagined the fruits and vegetables sunbathing everyday in lush green farms while growing up and that made my salad even tastier.


Seema enjoying her monthly juice fast with some freshly made celery juice 

Do you know what was no longer welcome at home? any food that came in a colourful packet from a factory. Why buy refined oil when you can have coconut and other nuts, why buy refined sugar when you can have dates that taste like candies? Why buy processed dead food lying on shelves for months when you can buy freshest fruits and vegetables. Why depend on any animal product like dairy, meat, and eggs, when you can have fresh greens instead, loaded with the same nutrients!


Welcoming miracles and smiles into our life 

After three months of living the Satvic lifestyle, the magic started. I was able to bend my fingers, hold a pen, brush my teeth by myself, and eventually even do 30 suryanamaskar! I could not only walk without pain but even jog. One after another, I was able to dump my medicine strips into the dustbin. I got my blood tests done and my ESR had gone from 87 to 11 the doctor needed no other proof, his jaw dropped and he exclaimed that I am a living miracle! 

I was able to brush by myself, eat my own food, not only walk without painkillers but even jog and guess what's my latest Suryanamaskar record? not 1, not 10, not even 20 but 30 complete suryanamaskar!

Seema practicing suryanamaskar as part of her morning routine

Another miracle was my personal journey from a very negative, stressed out, hopeless person to a cheerfully smiling and loving person. This positivity is something I cultivated and shared with my family. Earlier we used to fight and argue a lot, there was a lot of negativity at home. Now, all of it has been replaced with smiles, laughter and a whole lot of love for each other. It was not an overnight transformation, we made a lot of conscious efforts and I’m glad how it turned out. 


The Satvic Code 

If I could reverse my 10-year-old RA, suddenly I thought of all the lakhs of people who are still suffering in darkness, unaware that they too can reverse RA. I felt jolted! I had to reach out to them! Ever since Satvic Movement shared my success story on their YouTube channel {insert link} a lot of people got inspired, and I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 people with RA adopt this lifestyle. 


Author's note 

Seema ji set an example of consistency is the key. She believed in herself and In mother nature's Healing power and received the power to heal herself and love herself. If you too would like to begin your disease-reversal journey and want more help and guidance, enroll for our upcoming Health Transformation workshop to get all of your questions answered. 



If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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