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Khandelwal family gets together and loses 55 kg!

Amay, a 11 year old from Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) wants to share how his joint family of 14 members transformed their lives with Satvic lifestyle. His grandparents not only got rid of their aches and medications, but also enjoy walks with big smiles on their faces. This is the story of an entire Satvic-superheroes family who lost more than 55 kilos of combined weight ! What all were they suffering from? How did they begin? What keeps the kids motivated? Lets find out!



Immunity score (before)

Immunity score (after) 

Weight loss


Rajendra Prasad K. (78 years) 



13 kilos

No body ache, increase in stamina, heart efficiency increased, gut problems gone, sleep improved 

Rajni K. (65 years)



11 kilos 

Diabetes under control, limping gone, aches and pains gone, more energetic, medicines decreased

Vivek Khandelwal

49 years 



12 kilos 

BP reversed, diabetes under control, anger outbursts gone, joint aches gone, lethargy gone.

Parul Khandelwal

41 years 



6 kilos

Arthritis gone, Thyroid medicine reduced, lethargy gone, swelling and aches gone

Vineet Khandelwal

44 years 



8 kilos

Anger issues gone, diabetes reversed, lethargy gone, sleep improvement


39 years 



9 kilos 

palpitations gone, thyroid controlled, weakness gone, fainting gone. 


11 years 



8 kilos 

Balance improved, laziness gone, anger outburst gone, cravings gone. 


8 years 



8 kilos 

Laziness and weakness gone, more active and happy 

“Earlier, I used to dread cricket training, because I could barely cover 2 rounds of the field during warm up. I used to pray " Oh God, please let me get batting, I don't want to field or bowl! Otherwise I'll end up fainting" now, not only do I cover 10 complete rounds of the field, but also do 10 surya namaskar (sun-salutations) , now I pray "Oh God please let me do bowling, AND batting AND  fielding! I'll show that I can do it all" 


From “ghar ghar ki kahani”(story of every household) to “kamaal ki kahani”(mind blowing story)

I was just a regular chubby 11 year old, and like all parents, my parents kept on pushing me to play sports and be more active. I was too lazy and scared that I'll trip and fall. Even walking for a short distance made me breathless. At home, you would find me lying on the couch watching TV, or taking nap breaks and snack-breaks. Now, you can't find me at home unless I'm studying! 


Amay and his parents before following the Satvic Lifestyle 

Amay with his parents and sister after following the Satvic Lifestyle

My grandfather who has already undergone bypass heart surgery, could barely walk for four steps before running out of breath, because his heart was working only 20% every doctor we showed to told us he must immediately get a pacemaker, otherwise he won't survive for long. He was very fond of all dairy products like milk, curd, and especially ghee, he would not eat his daily meals without at least two spoons full of ghee ! And now, it's been ages since he has touched milk or any milk products, along with him, all of us feel the difference it has made in our lives!  He no longer calls me for help in climbing stairs, we don't even realise when he climbs two floors of stairs all by himself! He enjoys walking outdoors and all of this has surprised his doctors. Earlier he used to eat a lot and then keep burping and complain of acidity and sometimes even puke half the food he ate! Enema has worked like magic in getting rid of every one of his tummy troubles.

Amay's grandparents 

Let me tell you about my granny, she is 65 and not a day passed when she didn't complain about body aches, joint aches and life in general. Ever since she fell in the washroom, she could barely walk, she used to limp and we were about to get her a walking stick. She used to have around ten pills and at least 2 insulin injections a day to keep her pain and sugar away. Now? She enjoys going for her morning walk and we can't stop her from working at home! From taking 10 pills and 2 injections, she has come down to taking 2 pills and 1 insulin injection alone! I have never seen her so active and happy in my life ! 

The biggest change we see is in my father. He had high BP, and diabetes and so much swelling in his hands that he could not even hold a pen by evening! He was so angry all the time that everyone, including my mom was very scared of him. He burst out in anger over the tiniest of issues like my cricket ball accidentally coming in his way. Now? I could not believe my luck when I accidentally broke the Fitbit band he got for me and he sweetly said "koi nahi beta, galatiyan hoti reheti hai"( it's okay dear, accidents happens) 

One fine day after his usual long-nap he woke up, stressed out and tired he told me “Beta ab mai thak gaya hun, tu jaldi se bada hokar mera business sambhal le” (Child, I’m getting tired now, please grow up soon and take over my business). Now, since the past three days, my dad has been travelling 500 kilometres every day for work, and I see him walking out the door at 7 AM with the same energy as he walks in the door at 11 PM !

My mother had thyroid and arthritis, by evening, her joints would swell up like balloons. She has spent over 1 lakh rupees for her ayurvedic medicines, even if she misses her medication for one day, all her pains would come right back.

 She could barely do the household work for one hour and compulsorily rest for two hours. One day, she was about to put a vessel of milk in the fridge and suddenly it crashed and spilt all over- because she could no longer hold it as her fingers gave up. Making rotis had become impossible for her. She said her body is no longer listening to her. Now my mother not only makes rotis but also doesn't take a single nap in the day! She feels like not only has her body started coming under control but also her mind- I see her laughing more often without any trace of pain or anger like earlier. 

My chachi ji (aunt) was anemic and had thyroid too, she was very fond of cooking but she could barely stand in the kitchen for half an hour at a stretch, now she feels so energetic and healthy that she's stopped her thyroid medication and cooks yummy dishes for hours without getting tired. 

My cousin's Aadya and Krishna also enjoy Satvic lifestyle and they too have lost excess weight! Earlier, all of us kids were either using our parents' phones or watching TV or just lazing around, and now, we are either playing outside or inside the house (or studying) ! 

All of this transformation did not happen overnight, it was my  tauji and taiji (Vikas ji and Lata ji) who have been doing something very different, that has not only made them lose weight but also made them very happy and healthy, and they have been after my dad to follow it- something called Satvic movement lifestyle- but my dad used to say “I work and travel a lot, I already have high Sugar, if I restrict my diet, what if I faint due to a drop in my sugar levels? Then, after some months, his friend forwarded him a video on whatsapp called “Boost your immunity in 3 easy steps” and that my friends, was just the beginning!


Satvic-lifestyle (How we started)

When my dad started following the satvic lifestyle with my tauji- he almost gave up within 15 days, my dad missed eating his hearty meals, but my tauji pulled him back. When my dad started noticing good changes,he made my mom try it, she made us all try it for a week, we all agreed only because we were scared of getting scolded by my mom and especially my dad. We were surprised to see the benefits ourselves we felt lighter, and more active, my mom's body aches and swelling disappeared! The first few days were the hardest, we craved snacks, my granny complained “if you don't give me proper food, I'll die" to which my dad replied “no body dies by eating a little lesser and healthier fruits and vegetables, people die when they overeat heavy foods, look at our ancestors! They always ate lesser and worked more, they didn't die earlier !" this made my granny laugh and from that day onwards she did not look back! 

Now every one of us sleeps longer and deeper at night, waking up earlier and fresher. Although my grandfather is a diehard fan of enema, most of us are still a little scared of it. All of us get together and drink our bottle gourd juice with moringa and amla, then I go for my cricket practice, my dad and uncles go up on the terrace for sunbathing. The remaining people either go for a walk or play outdoors. 

After returning, we all have our fruit breakfast around 10 AM, we have a variety of fruits like papaya, grapes, apples, pineapples, and other fruits as options(*it is ideal to eat only one variety of fruit at a time).

Amay and his father having fresh fruits for breakfast

Then we all get busy with our classes and work and we all come together to have our salad for lunch together. Maybe you are thinking how can a salad be filling, but trust me, ever since we started following this, we no longer have any cravings, we feel so energetic that nobody at my home takes a nap after lunch anymore! My dad who needed at least a 2 hour nap after lunch, now immediately leaves to work and says “soo ke kya karna hai? Kaam karne jaana hai” no body complaints about body aches anymore! 

Khandelwal ladies enjoying their Satvic salad for lunch

Over the dinner table at 6 PM, we have our regular grain meal of roti sabji, and dal occasionally. All of us sleep at night and wake up fresh the next morning, batteries fully charged, ready for anything with a big smile!   


Miles of smiles

So much has changed at my cricket practice, my coach is so happy with my improvement. All of my earlier frowns have now converted into big smiles as I’m running miles around the cricket ground. Earlier whenever I fell down, I used to cry and complain. Now even after big bruises, I get up, dust off and start running ! Earlier when my cousins or friends teased me, calling me "fatty" I used to lose my cool and beat people or yell at them, now automatically a smile comes and I tell them, I know I'm fat but you can’t you see how quickly I’m reducing all my fat ?so I'm not bothered that I'm still a little chubby! I really feel more calm and happy! 

Initially I used to feel upset that I had to give up dead foods(packaged, processed foods) but only when I suddenly ate a lot of chocolates on Rakshabandhan (Indian festival), I realised from within how much they were troubling my body- I felt so heavy, lethargic and uneasy, from that day, I stopped eating all dead foods and fried foods be it hot pakoras my bua (paternal aunt) offers or sweets on festivals, nothing sweeter than fruits for my body and health ! 

Ever since we started following this lifestyle, there has been a big change in our family, all of us have all our juices and meals together, nobody craves for food because the timing is fixed and we all smile more and complain lesser. my sister is soo happy that her skin is glowing naturally and she no longer gets any pimples. She saves money on make up, my family saves money on medication and doctor's fees. Everyone at home suddenly has a lot of free time as we don't overcook, kids aren't sleeping unnecessarily!


Author's note 

This family has supported each other to stick to the lifestyle and now they all do it because they are enjoying it and feeling the difference - one look at their immunity score and we get a thorough understanding of their progress! 

Khandelwal family has set an example that even joint families can easily follow this lifestyle and have a lot of fun too, and now, a lot of their friends and family are also trying it and sharing benefits within a week’s time! If you too would like to make your entire family Satvic, just enroll for our upcoming health transformation workshop and gift your entire family good health and happiness! 


If you would also like to transform your entire family then show this story to all of your family members and take up the challenge to become the next Satvic-Superhero family! For more details and help, sign up for our health transformation workshop and transform your entire family’s future! 

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