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Sangeeta reverses 20 year old sinusitis in just 2 months

20 years of sinus, 6 surgeries over the span of 60 days, 50 rounds of sneezes each morning, and countless nights of sleeplessness and breathlessness later, Ms Sangeeta found a light at the end of that tunnel. Was she able to come out of that darkness? Let's find out. 


                        Sangeeta Roy  
                          45 year old
                          Profession                                                  Art Auctioneer
                  Diseases reversed
                 Sinusitis, skin allergy  
                  Workshop Attended 
                   September 2020
             (Immunity Masterclass)
                  Time taken to reverse
                           2 months

       Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Wet pack
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing

                       Email Address                       


“Just like one would religiously carry their bible everywhere they go, Disprin and Advil were my bible. Religiously going with me everywhere I go” 


Gloomy Days

My days started and ended with dread. After having had sinusitis for over 20 years and skin problems for 15 years, neither did I want to look at myself, nor did I want to be myself. Did I think there was a way out of it? My doctors clearly made me believe there wasn't. After going through my first unsuccessful surgery, I was called in for five follow up surgeries, almost feeling like a rat on which experiments were being done. Only to be left with these final statements by my doctor “Sangeeta, only if you’re lucky will the pain go away in such a case. Most commonly the patients have to live with this all their lives.”

Wait a second, wasn't I supposed to know that before you put me under those knives, tubes and spine-shivering metal cots?
A few lakhs, stitches, alcohol and breakdowns later, I had finally given up and accepted this to be the way of life. When the story of one 25-year-old woman on Youtube completely shook the belief of 45 years of my life.


Glorious Days 

'Sinus is incurable’ was as strong a conviction in my head as the sun rising from the East and setting in the West. Unshakable. And here I now was, looking at this video on Satvic Movement’s channel (insert Sapna’s video link) which is not only giving me an existential crisis but is also a living proof of how a young woman named Sapna has gone through the same problems and has successfully reversed it. I was shaken. At once I decided to give it a shot. And that has been one of the best decisions of my life. 2 months from that decision, the pain on the left side of my face, the constant blockage in my nose, the sneezing, the irritable and ugly looking skin allergies that persisted for over 15 long and stubborn years were all gone. More stubborn than them was my husband, who I was shocked to see enjoying this lifestyle as much as I was. Following the lifestyle for just 3 weeks, he went from taking 56 units of insulin a day to now needing no insulin at all. Food needed every 15 minutes, and excessive tea drinker, and an alcohol indulger, mark my words ‘The toughest person to change is my husband. If he can do it, anybody can do it’ 


The journey 

What's for lunch and dinner? 

“Ami Mach Khabo”

Being hardcore Bengalis, that was the story of our lives. Tea and fish were what our lives used to revolve around. So it is needless to say that our pantry saw a big shift. From white rice dals and meat, our kitchen was now witnessing colours it had never seen before. It felt alive again. Our days used, to begin with, a glass of ash gourd juice, which was now our new morning tea ritual, followed with a bowl of fruits, alternating between apples, pears or papayas, followed with a salad and a principle meal of grains and vegetables through the day. Evening hunger pangs were met by what we called the ‘goddess green juice.’ Sunbathing and wet packs were my new Disprin and Advil. Enema was still only an occasional guest, the one that we yet were not so friendly with. And 16-hour fasting was something we were still getting accustomed to. Beginning with 12 hours, and gradually progressing to 13 or 14 hours. We realized it wasn't a race we were trying to win. We had to take it at our own pace. 


What kept you motivated?

The fear.

The fear of not wanting to go back to the old pain and sufferings that I felt through all those years. Till the time I was in it, I had almost forgotten that there could be a better way of life. It had actually stopped occurring to me too. However now that I have seen the magic of a headache-free, blockage free, and medicine life, I just don't want to go back. And that in itself is motivating enough not just for myself, but for my whole family.



Mrs Sangeeta has been following the satvic lifestyle since September 2020, with her husband joining in from October 2020. 

She has also been off all her medication since the time she began her healing journey. 

Things that she followed - Sunbathing, Wet pack and shifting from non-veg food to Satvic food. Stimulants like tea and alcohol were also left. Juicing became her daily activity, ash gourd juice in the morning, and green juice as an evening snack. Breakfast always consisted of fruits, and salad somewhere through the day, with grain meals being taken once or twice a day. Enema was tried only when she used to fast and not otherwise. And 16-hour fasting was customized by her family to 13-14 hours of fasting to begin with. All her diseases are healed to date, and she has not had a relapse. She is extremely happy and is now sharing her knowledge with all her friends and family. 



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