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Amrita breaks free from her 10 year long struggle with Thyroid in just 3 months

“I wish I could turn back time. I wish I could be as healthy as I was when I was young”

I grew up hearing my Mama make this wish every now and then. I never understood why. Since the age of 12, my body felt like a 4-walled prison getting smaller and smaller every day. The walls of thyroid, obesity, hair loss and depression kept closing in and there was no escape. Until one day, after a 10-year struggle, I broke free from this prison in less than 3 months. And when my Mama meets me today, he now wishes: “I wish I found what you follow when I was young, so I could always stay young.”

My name is Amrita Lund and let me tell you how I found the key to my freedom…


                        Amrita Lund 
                          22 year old
                          Profession                                                   Student

             Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra 

                  Diseases reversed
         Thyroid, excess weight, hair fall,                                  depression
                  Workshop Attended 
                  Time taken to heal
                           2 months

       Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet pack
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing

                      Email Address                             


“You start following the Satvic lifestyle thinking you’ll find a way to fight your disease. But you end up falling in love with your health and all diseases retreat by themselves.”


Trapped in my own body 

I was diagnosed with thyroid when I was 12 years old. Too young to know what thyroid even was, but old enough to know the heartbreak of being told by the doctor: “This is incurable!”

I fell into the trap of accepting this “choiceless” disease prison sentence. I stopped questioning it. I just thought this is just a normal part of growing up. Want to know what my “normal” schedule looked like?

7 AM – Waking up in tears counting another big chunk of my curly hair that I shed overnight while popping my daily Thyronorm 125 mcg pill to muffle my cries.
10 AM – Getting scolded that I should stop being lazy by teachers as my energy levels kept dipping throughout the day.
4 PM – Being unable to fit into my favourite blue dress for my best friend’s birthday because of sudden weight gain in the last week.
10 PM – Going to bed angry after starting a fight with my siblings for a reason I can’t even remember thanks to my unpredictable mood swings.
For 10 years, day-in and day-out, my days began and ended on the same note – suffering. If this was normal, I was ready to do whatever it takes to find a new normal. 


Breaking out of the trap- finding the key

One idle Tuesday morning, I found the key out of my trap. I stumbled upon Subah’s video in on YouTube in October 2019 and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She had struggled with thyroid since the age of 12 just like me and found her way out of the darkness through a simple Satvic lifestyle. So finding the key felt more like facing a mirror.
Watching Subah reach out to me felt like my future self was reaching out to embrace me and remind me that the choice to be healthy is always mine. I didn’t even need the details of the lifestyle plan to be convinced quite frankly. I just needed someone who understood my struggle to remind me that it’s not too late to break out of my prison.


How I set myself free (October 2019- rest of my life)

I started following all the steps of the Satvic lifestyle from October 2019. My inspiration to write the date of expiration for my disease was at an all-time high. And I was going to use every tool available to do that.
I loved dancing so I started my morning workout with a Zumba routine to bring back healthy movement in my life. I followed it up with a big glass of ash gourd juice, which my mother lovingly renamed “Amrita”(nectar of immortality) too. The way it superpowered my energy levels, it truly deserved the title. I would then have a delicious bowl of my favourite fruit at 10 am.

During my college lunch break, I stopped snacking and switched to a wholesome beetroot roti and Satvic sabzi combo. I would have at least 3 times more veggies than grains, which felt so good now that I could drop my excess weight without wondering if I’ll have to starve myself. By 6 pm, I would end the day with a colourful bowl of soup or salad.

I also followed the enema and wet pack routine religiously for the first 21 days of starting the plan. I was taking out the toxins and taking in the love of all natural foods gifted by Mother Nature. Over the next 3 months, I brought my Thyronorm dosage from 125 mcg down to nil. I lost 12 kgs of weight and my hair volume doubled in just 6 months. Every cell in my body felt like it was locked in a warm embrace with every other cell in my body. The conflict in my body was gone, and the conflict in my mind disappeared with it.

Yes, I didn’t just walk out of my 4-walled disease prison through a door. I broke all 4 walls down – thyroid, hair fall, excess weight, depression. I broke free from them all!

Was it easy to find support at home for my healing journey? No. My mother was really concerned and kept challenging the logic. But once she saw my transformation first-hand, she actually became inspired to follow the Satvic lifestyle herself. And it helped her find freedom from her health issues too.


Amrita starting her day consciously with yoga 


A message for those seeking freedom

When I catch up with my friends and family who weren’t around to witness my healing journey, they jokingly ask my mother: “Are you sure you didn’t replace her? We don’t recognize her.”

Amrita after losing all her excess weight after switching to the Satvic lifestyle

It’s true. I’m no longer the same Amrita I was who accepted suffering as normal and felt like she never had a childhood. I found a way to always keep my inner child thriving simply by holding Mother Nature’s hand no matter where she takes me. It doesn’t matter what disease you come to her with, she will never deny you your freedom. 

And her hand is always reaching out to us. So what are you waiting for?


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. Click here to know more.

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