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Abhishek renews his faith in Mother Nature by reversing his high BP in 4 months

“I don’t believe it!” 

It’s one thing hearing your friends and family express their disbelief when your healing story sounds too good to be true. But to hear it from your own doctor is another thing altogether. Not once, but TWICE! What happens when your own doctor throws 2 back-to-back challenges as his eyes widen while examining your blood pressure readings? My name is Abhishek Gupta and I WAS a high BP patient. This is my Satvic healing story. 


Abhishek Gupta
                       40 year old
Sales Director
                  Diseases reversed
          Blood pressure, excess weight,                         sleep apnea, constipation  
                 Workshop attended 
                       March 2019
                  Time taken to cure
                         4 months

         Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Wet pack
  • Enema
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Sungazing
                      Email address


Faith without action is lifeless. But Nature Cure is a living faith that makes action so simple that anyone can learn to become their own doctor. When you believe in Mother Nature, you learn to believe in yourself ! ”

From sceptic to seeker 

I suppose hearing “I don’t believe you” shouldn’t be that strange to me. After all, it was at the tip of my tongue whenever someone claimed that my life doesn’t have to be permanently limited between 120/80. I didn’t believe I could go back to life when I could walk without panting. I didn’t believe I could go jogging in a park without feeling like I’ll pass out. I didn’t believe I could be free from unforgiving headaches that made my head flash – “Your brain is experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.”

And that’s all I could do – helplessly standing by, ready to pop the next colourful dose of BP medication while my life only got more colourless. 

Yet, there was a growing awareness that what I was doing was simply unnatural. If I stood by, life will pass me by. It was time to take action. So I took the first step, approaching a dietician following natural principles, who helped me lose a few kilos initially. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sustain it and gained it all back.

From seeker to a follower 

But the seeking was burning now, and I eventually landed up exploring the Nature Cure lifestyle videos by Acharya Mohan Gupta ji and Satvic Movement. The knowledge and presentation felt so intuitive that I just knew my body and my belief systems were ready for a Satvic cleanse. So I completed the Health Transformation Workshop in March 2019 and started following the lifestyle plan.

Here’s what life looked like for the next month:

The first day after the workshop: Despite being one to never jump out of bed unless the aroma of chai was inviting him, I gave up tea once and for all. I never even switched to green tea. This newfound willpower coupled with the natural energy boost from my veg detox juice made it feel like I wasn’t making a sacrifice; just simply making an upgrade.

First 15 days: My BP readings went down to 116/65 from 127/80. My doctor couldn’t believe I did it without medication. So he issues the first challenge – “Let’s see what happens when you leave the medicine for 7 days. Take the readings 3 times a day.”

So I took up the challenge. 

7 days later: No medicines taken, but I knew nothing was missing as my wet packs and enemas cheered on my decision by flushing out all the toxins that made my blood thick and heavy. The root cause was finally being rooted out and my readings continued to stay normal. My headaches had nearly disappeared. 

The happy voice of conviction that echoed “I was cured” became much louder within me. But the doctor shook his head in disbelief once again and challenged me to do it for another 15 days and report back to him.

15 days later:  The BP readings continued to stay normal. My conviction was ironclad by now and I decided to skip my visit to the doctor again. I had nothing left to prove anymore because I realized the real doctor had been sitting within me all this time – a doctor you need no appointment for who charges nothing and gives us everything we need to heal. So I locked up all my BP medicines in a box and set it aside forever. 

From a follower to a lover  

When they ask me about what secret medication I’m taking, they’re surprised when I invite them home for a Satvic dinner instead of sending pictures of my medicine cabinet. I share how it just takes 4 simple principles (LWPW) in Satvic food philosophy to use food as medicine.

With delicious seasonal fruits for breakfast, Satvic rotis with sabzi in the right proportions for lunch, crunchy and tasty new salads to experiment with, and a wholesome bowl of soup for dinner, Mother Nature’s medicine definitely brought a lot more colour and flavour to my life compared to my old medicine which took them away from me.

I cured my headache, my breathlessness, and my constipation within a month, but I still follow the lifestyle because it makes my body and mind feel celebrated and work better than ever.

The more I aligned with the laws of Mother Nature, the easier it became to understand the language of my body. If I’m taking a walk by my favourite chaat shop and have a cheat meal, I know exactly what to do now. I give my stomach a break and also take an enema for the next 2 days. If you put your stomach through a difficult exam one day, you have to give it a vacation the next day.

Enema was like an inner reality check for me that made me realize just how constipated we can be without ever finding out. The physical and mental lightness that follows an enema has to be experienced to be believed. 

And that is the beauty of the Satvic lifestyle. Faith without action is lifeless. But Nature Cure is a living faith that makes the action so easy that anyone can learn to become their own doctor.

When you believe in Mother Nature, you learn to believe in yourself!

Or better yet – try it yourself!



If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. Click here to know more.

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