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Ravindra reverses high blood pressure, psoriasis & stands back on his feet


This is the story of a man who feared that he would never walk again. Ravindra only realized the importance of his health when it was snatched away from him. Losing the ability to walk properly can shake a person’s world. He lost much more after his first paralysis attack in January of 2019. This is the message from Ravindra Pramod who is a fighter and an inspiration to the generations to come. His wish is to use his story to bring change to people’s lives.


Ravindra Pramod
                        31 year old
                   Diseases reversed

 High blood pressure, paralysis & psoriasis

                 Workshops attended                          Immunity workshop (August 2020)
                  Time taken to heal
                         2 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema 
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga
  • Pranayama
                      Email address 


“Mujhe esa lagta tha jese ki kisi ne mere brain or body ke beech ke taar kaat diye he, mere liye chalna or ghar se bahar nikalna ek sapna ban gaya tha.”

The attack 

Being the sole bread earner of my family, my own health was never my priority. I was stressed most of the time and found comfort in only one thing - junk food.

I remember that day like yesterday. It was January 2019, I was lying on my bed and suddenly I stood up in shock. My head was pounding, it felt like someone was using a drilling machine to open up my head. My mother rushed me to the hospital where the doctor said that I was having a stroke. My upper blood pressure had reached 250 and I was about to burst a vein in my head. I could have died that day.


Life turned upside down 

The stroke attack was just the beginning of my struggle. I was in a coma for 3 days and in an ICU for 46 days. I was a prisoner to my bed for 5 to 6 months. I could not walk, speak or even stand on my own. Mujhe aisa lagta tha jese ki kisi ne mere brain or body ke beech ke taar kaat diye he, mere liye chalna or ghar se bahar nikalna ek dream ban gaya tha. I could not believe what I had done to myself. Doctors blamed the excessive stress and junk food as the cause of my condition. They prescribed me medicines to improve the connection between my brain and body and said that I could reverse my condition only through a lifestyle change. 

 Ravindra ji in the hospital ICU after suffering from a paralysis attack

Life Giver 

My mother and I came across the Satvic movement channel. After watching all the videos multiple times, mummy told me - isse tu theek ho jayega, tension mat le, hum isse saath me follow karenge. I had forgotten what hope felt like, my mother was the only one who could open the door to a better future for me. We started following the diet on the same day and upon completing 21 days of enema and wet pack, I could start to speak properly but was still bedridden. We attended the immunity workshop to learn more about the lifestyle. I could not sit up on the bed during the workshop, so my mother took notes for me and I listened.

Our key takeaway was how grains take very long to digest and disturb the process of healing. I decided to quit grains and stay on only fruits and vegetables for a month. I missed eating vada pavs and chhola bhaturas but my mother made sure that I did not waver from the path. Within a week, my routine had become rock solid. Wet pack and enema in the morning, fruits for breakfast and a soup for dinner. I ate only raw cucumbers and carrots if I felt hungry during the day. I did not know if any of this was going to help my condition but I had started to enjoy this lifestyle.


I can move

I can stand on my own today. I am proud to say it. I can feel my limbs and speak properly. I manage my business from home.  I am certain that I will be able to go walk in a park also very soon. My weight has come down from 105 to 83 Kg. I wake up with energy and exercise for 15 minutes every day. I have even reversed my decade-old problem, my psoriasis. Today, I can’t thank god enough to show me the path at the right time. I don’t know how my life would have turned out if I hadn’t seen Satvic Movement’s videos at the right time.

Ravindra ji standing on his feet after 2 months of his paralysis attack 

My message to others is just this - nothing else will matter in life if our body is not happy with us. No money, fame or power can keep us running. We have to make conscious choices to survive in this body. We cannot neglect it anymore. 


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 
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