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Nitika reverses her 7 year old acne in 1 month

Nitika Verma suffered from acne from the young age of 15. She had tried every possible treatment, but nothing worked. It deeply affected her self-esteem. She came across Satvic Lifestyle through a YouTube video. Within 10 days of following the lifestyle, she saw something that she could not believe. What was it? Let's find out.


Nitika Verma
                        24 year old
                        New Delhi 
                   Diseases reversed

             Acne, Hairfall, Excess Weight

                 Workshops attended                                                 None
                  Time taken to heal
                         1 month
                     Email address                              


“Just because of that one video, I was able to lift myself up again. I don’t shy away from clicking selfies anymore. It didn't just clear my face, it gave me the strength to follow my dreams again.”


The never-ending struggle  

Acne is not just limited to breakouts & some pimples on your face. It affects your entire life. It affects your self-esteem, your confidence and your very existence.

Would you believe if I say, for 7 whole years, I didn't click even a single picture of myself? I never used to change my WhatsApp DP. I had 0
Instagram posts. As soon as someone took out his phone to capture a picture, I would simply shift aside and move out of the frame. It became a norm that Nitika won't get herself clicked.I don't have any memories clicked from the age of 15 to 23. It seems as if these years vanished under the cover of my insecurities.

Why? Because every picture reminded me of what I had been running away from. My skin, my acne, my pimples.

All this while, my search for THAT one solution was on. YouTube was smart enough to cater to it. Use this one pack, that one scrub, besan, dahi, turmeric, honey, I used them all. At one point in time, I was so tired of experimenting with my skin that even before trying out, I knew it won’t work.

The miracle solution

One such day, while scrolling through my youtube feed, I saw a video by Satvic Movement, titled 'Food that cures any disease'. With a doubtful mind and zero expectations, I clicked on the video.
But after watching this particular video, there was something deeper that I could connect with. A voice in my heart said, step up Nitika and give it a shot.

I removed all the packaged food from my house & completely stopped taking dairy products. The most challenging part was 16-hour fasting. I downloaded a tracker in my mobile phone. Starting with 14 hour fasting, I slowly increased the duration and took it to 16 hours.
In the morning, I used to take a glass of coconut water or vegetable juice. After 2 hours, I took fruits for breakfast. At around the same time, for the rest of my family, typical breakfast items were prepared. Poha, upma, sandwiches! The smell of cooked food was so tempting in itself! So I made a rule for myself, the moment my nose sensed its presence nearby, I would have to get up and go to some other room. This greatly helped in the initial stage. Later I myself started loving fruits & it didn’t feel like giving them up for regular breakfasts!

The first smiles 

I still remember, on the 10th day, I saw my face in the mirror, and there was no new breakout. I couldn't believe my eyes. I even shared it with my mother, jumping with excitement.
It instilled a deeper faith in what I was doing. I had a calling from within, 'This is the right path Nitika, just keep walking.'

Within one month, my acne had cleared & my skin started glowing like never before, I lost 3 kg of excess weight and there was no more hair fall. More than anything, there was a sense that my body is healing from within.

Today, I feel immense gratitude in my heart. Satvic Lifestyle is a miracle solution. I feel so grateful for all of you. You are truly God's messengers.
Just because of that one video, I was able to lift myself back again. I don’t shy away from clicking selfies anymore and my Instagram has a few posts now. It didn't just clear my face, it gave me the strength to follow my dreams again.

I wonder, why is this treasure known to a handful of people? This knowledge must reach out to every corner of the world.


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