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Nikita won over her lifelong Insomnia and cured her PCOD.

Nikita Singhal, a YouTuber by Profession, cured her Insomnia, PCOD, and acne in just 2 months. Let's learn how her life changed with the aid of Satvic Lifestyle.


Nikita Singhal
32 year old
Youtube content creator

Diseases reversed
Insomnia, PCOD & Acne

Date of Workshop attended
20th April 2019
Time taken to cure
2 months

Email address

"I have witnessed great changes in my health. First time in my life I am able to sleep soundly. My skin is healed and has gained its glow back."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? Any health problems? Any fitness goals?
I had life long Insomnia problem. Going to sleep has always been a struggle for me. I also suffered from PCOD, acne, and bloating. Overall, I used to feel tired and unproductive all day long. The reason I started following the Satvic Lifestyle was that I wanted a simple solution that could put an end to all my problems.


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.
After watching Subah's videos, I was hopeful and full of motivation to change my lifestyle for good. I started with Intermittent fasting and slowly transitioned to Satvic diet. Only after a few days, I witnessed these little changes happening in my body.

After the workshop, I started following everything. I followed the detox steps both enema and wet packs, as well as changed my diet completely. Now, I take Ash-gourd Juice in the morning, single grain meal for lunch and soup or salad for dinner.  


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?
I have seen great changes in my health. First time in my life I am able to sleep soundly. I don't have PCOD anymore and my skin is healed and gained its glow back. Moreover, I have lost 4 kilos and I do not feel bloated or tired after a meal. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?
Only a few days ago I had some relatives over at my home and they mentioned that I have become much calmer and patient. I think it is true as I also feel that my energy and tolerance level has risen. 


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? A place where everyone lives in sync with nature. What do you picture?
If I had not experienced it myself I would have thought that this is impossible. But, after learning about Satvic philosophy and applying it successfully in my life, I can say, Yes it is definitely possible. As soon as people start realizing the truth behind this knowledge and start curing themselves through natural lifestyle change will come. 

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