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Priya sees 60% reduction in the size of ovarian cysts


Priya Suhas was suffering from an Ovarian cyst for the last 12 years and had been taking homeopathic medicines for 10 years, but it did not work. After losing all hopes, she rediscovered the path to health with the Satvic Lifestyle.


Priya Suhas 
40 year old
Kalyan, Mumbai

Diseases reversed
Ovarian cyst, hair fall & irregular menses

Date of Workshop attended
18th May 2019
Time taken to cure
2 months

Email address

"I have seen huge improvements in my health. There is a 60% reduction in the size of the cyst and my menstrual cycle has been regularized "


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? Any health problems? Any fitness goals?
Yes, I was suffering from a health issue. I had a cyst in my ovaries for the past 12 years, for which, I was taking homeopathic treatment for the last 10 years. But, some months ago, even my homeopathic doctor gave up and asked me to get a surgery done. I was shattered as I lost all hope. I was not ready for the surgery, so I talked to my physiotherapist. He suggested me to approach the world of nature cure. He forwarded me one of the Subah's videos and asked me to try Satvic Lifestyle. I was so unfamiliar with this lifestyle, but, everything Subah said in the videos made complete sense and motivated me to give it a go.


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.
I started following the diet in December 2018, after watching Subah's videos. From then on, I started doing intermittent fasting and switched to Satvic diet. Everything went smoothly and I did not face any difficulty in keeping up with the diet.

But, I had some doubts and a desire to learn more about the satvic lifestyle. That is why, I decided to attend the Health Transformation Workshop in May 2019. In the workshop, I learned so much more about the Satvic health and food philosophy that my complete mind frame about food was transformed. I was so inspired that, immediately after the workshop, I started doing enema, wet packs and sunbathing regularly. Initially, I used to experience food cravings, but then I used to remind myself all the knowledge that Subah shared during the workshop. Now, I have become fully accustomed to living as per the Satvic guidelines.  


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?
I have seen huge improvements in my health. There is a 60% reduction in the size of the cyst, my menstrual cycle has become regular, my hair fall problem is gone and I feel internally happy and positive all the time. The most surprising thing for me and for my family is that I achieved all this without even taking a single medicine and just by changing the way I live.


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?
Yes, many. I have become conscious of my own and my family's health. I have also become mindful of my actions, therefore, I have stopped using chemical-based products, such as shampoos and creams. I only rely on natural products to take care of my body and health.  


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? A place where everyone lives in sync with nature. What do you picture?
It will be a place where happiness and health will be natural states of being. Everyone will be their own doctors and Mother nature their hospital. This world is only possible through our actions, if we all become conscious about our health and equip ourselves with the right knowledge and an unflinching will to change our lives, the world will change.

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