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How the Kaul family teamed up to beat Diabetes, high BP, and obesity

The family that eats together stays together….in health or disease. Nobody tells you this until you wake up to this truth yourself. I lost my father to a Diabetes-triggered heart condition, my mother still takes 3 insulin injections a day, I was fighting Diabetes and hypertension for 23 years, and my wife Jyoti and son Anjaneya were battling obesity too. Little did I know, my ghar ka khaana (home food) was the real culprit, not the bahaana (excuse) of a genetic curse.  

So how did we reverse all our health problems? We turned to the head of our family – Mother Nature – and went shopping with her to God’s kitchen. Let me tell you what we found.


Sanjay Kaul, Jyoti Kaul, Anjaneya Kaul

             Sanjay –  55 years old

                Jyoti – 50 years old                                Anjaneya – 12 years old

             Guragaon, Delhi NCR 
                 Diseases reversed

        Diabetes, hypertension, obesity

               Workshop attended                                             None
                Time taken to heal
                        6 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet packs
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga

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If only I had learned to answer Mother Nature’s call earlier, I wouldn’t have to dodge any diseases in the first place. Perhaps I was afraid of nature back then. After all, I was afraid of inheriting a genetic curse. My mother was taking insulin 3 times a day and my father lost his life to a heart and lung problem triggered by his Diabetes.”


Accounting for my health

As a refugee of the 1989 Kashmiri Hindu exodus, I worked hard to thrive after getting lucky to survive. I was finally set with a stable job in L&T as I got married to Jyoti in 1995. But when I was diagnosed with Diabetes a few years later, I realized this was a problem I couldn’t run away from. Subconsciously, I knew something was wrong. The signs were evident 1-2 years before my diagnosis. Unpredictable energy drains, dizziness while getting up suddenly, and answering nature’s calls way too many times throughout the day. 

Kaul family before following the Satvic Lifestyle 

If only I had learned to answer Mother Nature’s call earlier, I wouldn’t have to dodge any diseases in the first place. Perhaps I was afraid of nature back then. After all, I was afraid of inheriting a genetic curse. My mother was taking insulin 3 times a day and my father lost his life to a heart and lung problem triggered by his Diabetes. 

Now I’m a CA by profession, but I never imagined accounting for my blood sugar numbers would be more stressful than all the number crunching for my clients. My fasting blood sugar was over 200 and 300 after eating. My medication doses kept going up, but so did my blood sugar. “I think you should prepare to switch to insulin injections soon.” – my doctor announced. 

As much as I dreaded the blood sugar test and accounting for my readings, Jyoti dreaded stepping on the weighing scale and accounting for her readings. She used to weigh 126 kg back then and had already overcome a painful stint with PCOD before my son Anjaneya’s birth. The worst thing about PCOD is that it gets worse if you don’t lose weight, but it won’t let you lose weight easily either because of hormonal ups and downs. In 2013, I got a bariatric surgery to lose weight. But after sometime, weight again stagnated around 90 kgs. 

But as much as we wanted to avoid this daily accounting for our health, we were accountable to our beloved Anjaneya. We didn’t want to consider the possibility of leaving our son early the way my father left us. And it broke our heart to see that he was falling in the trap of obesity at the tender age of 11. 

Anjaneya spending most of his time indoors, watching TV and binging on snacks


Breaking free during lockdown

While lockdown 2020 was a harrowing time for most people, for my family, it was the phase of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

When we went out for a party together after the restrictions eased down, a shower of compliments and curious discussions greeted us. Why?

I had lost over 11.5 kgs of weight (78.5 kg to 67 kg) and my 23 year struggle with Diabetes was over. My friends asked – “I know you must be really happy to step on the weighing machine now, but where did you find a time machine? You look so young like you went 15 years back in time.”

Jyoti had dropped 18 kgs of weight (90 kg to 72 kg). Her hairstylist was surprised to see how shiny and strong her hair looked now. The dark pigmentation on her thigh left behind by her PCOD had disappeared too.

Sanjay, Jyoti and Anjaneya going for their routine morning walk and having a rejuvenating start to their day

Anjaneya had lost 4 kgs of weight (71 kg to 67 kg). The friends who often called him “mota” and “hathi” (fat & elephant) were now silent. He wasn’t breathing heavily 15 mins after stepping onto the playground anymore.

5 ways to reverse Diabetes. All the FAQs were answered. Enema felt unnatural to me, but Jyoti convinced me that it’s not a big deal. I started following all the steps except the wet pack. Followed the food plan helped by Jyoti. I do yoga from YouTube channels and I lift weights at home (70-90 mins) in the morning.

They all wanted to know the secret behind our shocking makeovers.

 Kaul family starting their day off with a delicious glass of ABC juice

The secret unveiled

Last year, we came across the Satvic Movement video - Reverse Your Diabetes in 5 Steps. Our spiritual grounding and longing for a natural solution really opened me up to this philosophy. My wife Jyoti had been a wonderful initiator and mentor on my journey. So she became my healing partner and took up the healing plan with even more enthusiasm than me.

Although 16 hour fasting scared me initially wondering how my blood sugar would react, it didn’t take more than a few weeks to adopt it fully. We were already huge fans of ash gourd juice due to its high pranic nature. So now we were doing a deep cleanse every morning with a detox juice and fruit platter for breakfast. 

Kaul family praying together before having their breakfast 

Ditching our extra grain meals was easy as the wholesome and delicious soups, salads, and smoothies from the Satvic Food Book replaced them. Strangely, it felt like they were cleaning away our cravings as much as they were clearing our toxins. Sunbathing and oil massage became a family favourite ritual. It took some time for us to do enema and wet packs consistently, but I could see why so many people healing their diseases gave them glowing reviews. 

Within a week, I had eliminated my morning Diabetes and BP medicine. My BP used to be 140/90, but now it never crosses the 125/85 range. We didn’t have to keep accounting for our health through tests and reports anymore. It was like activating a sixth sense within us becoming aware of how our body feels when we eat different foods. 


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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