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Josephine ended her 18 year silent torture of IBS in just 5 months

Constipation is a sure sign that your guts are giving you the silent treatment. As an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) patient for over 18 years, I can say it’s been more like silent torture. Things had gotten so bad that when someone asked me “what were my trigger foods?”, I had to say “anything with food in it”. I feared eating. I feared going to the bathroom. I feared even sharing my fears with my family for the longest time. 

But when I shared my secret with Mother Nature, she took away my fears and pains faster than I could ever imagine by fast-forwarding my IBS reversal. 


Josephine Shepard Shukla 
                      42 years old
HR Professional 
                   Ghaziabad, UP
                 Diseases reversed

       IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) 

               Workshop attended                              7 day yoga challenge 
                Time taken to heal
                        5 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet packs
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga

“I felt like everything I put into my body had a one-way ticket. I could eat it, but my bowels would refuse to let anything slip out. But the slippery slope of my life was getting more slippery by the day. My job, my health, my family time, everything I loved was slipping out of my hands.”


How my IBS became an Incredibly Burdening Secret

I grew up as a healthy child in an athletic family. My father is a former national level boxer and mother is a school teacher. We were happy to keep our family doctor as a stranger in our lives. So when I got married at 22 and shifted to my husband’s home, I had no idea why my bowel health went for a toss so rapidly. Perhaps it was the food, or the infected water in our colony, or my pregnancy issues. I didn’t know the root cause. But what shocked me is to see my doctor lash out just for asking him if it could be IBS. He condemned my self-analysis, handed me some meds, and said – “It’s all in your mind.” 

Josephine experiencing excruciating stomach pains in the middle of the night

If it was all in my mind, why would I give myself sleepless nights having waking nightmares about my next bathroom trip? Why do my intestines feel like an elephant is trampling over them? Why would I puree my sabzis and rotis just so that my bowels don’t feel like someone set them on fire? Why would I create so much misery for myself? The truth was my doctor was just as clueless about the root cause, and the harder truth was that all the medications like Nux and Vomica were making my condition even worse.

Josephine starting her day with a handful of medicines in order to have relief from constant pain 

Desperation led me to experiment with the strangest remedies like smoking cigarettes to try and relieve myself, using abdominal discs to twist my abdominal muscles, and taking a 7-month long homeopathy medicine course. None of them had even a tiny impact on my massive problems.

As a natural introvert, I hated burdening anyone with my problems. And coming from a healthy family where no one could relate to this problem, I felt embarrassed and preferred fighting my battle alone. If the doctors had no clarity about what I was going through, what’s the point in confusing my family about this problem? I had the responsibility of raising my daughters, so I was determined to find the solution myself.


From the breaking point to the breakthrough point

After developing haemorrhoids that made the simple act of sitting a torture, I was shedding more tears in the bathroom than I was passing stool. Traveling had become impossible. In April 2021, an unimaginable pain had invaded my left pelvic region. I had to hold onto a hot pack next to my abdomen for 5 days straight. Due to the second wave of the pandemic peaking, I couldn’t even go to a hospital because of the fear. I actually felt like I was going to die. 

After getting introduced to the Satvic Lifestyle, Josephine starting her day with a glass of healing ash-gourd juice

But something sparked to life within me once again when my elder daughter reminded me that I have to put my research work into action. 

While hunting for a natural solution for IBS, I stumbled upon the Satvic Movement YouTube channel back in 2019. But I had only followed 16 hour fasting since then, which had helped me cut down my weight from 70 kgs to 60 kgs by Feb 2020. However, I didn’t follow the other steps of the Satvic lifestyle.

So I revisited the videos once again and signed up for the 7-day Yoga challenge workshop. It was the perfect way to refuel my inspiration and commit to a natural healing plan that could set me free from this misery.

Josephine participating in 7 day yoga challenge and starting her day with a rejuvenating yoga flow


Hope comes back with a bang

Although I loved being an early bird all my life, my IBS had made it extremely challenging to start my day without rolling from side to side clutching my abdomen in pain. I wanted to be ready by 7 AM for the Yoga challenge so I woke up at 5 AM, but I was surprised that I was now able to get ready by 6 AM.

Initially, I wasn’t able to follow the meal plan schedule so consistently. But I had given up all oily, spicy, packaged foods that were like weapons of mass destruction for my stomach. I started my day with a power-packed detox juice and mono fruit breakfast to give my bowels a clean slate. I knew the only way to stop the war raging within them is through Mother Nature’s love. So I continued to nourish myself with delicious beetroot or spinach rotis and my favourite aloo-lowki-gajar sabzi. 

Josephine enjoying satvic chapati and pumpkin sabji for her lunch 

I had no use for my old medicines anymore as food became my medicine - living, plant-based, wholesome, water-rich food. I didn’t have to cross my fingers to guess what nasty side effect I’m going to suffer anymore. I was beginning to have more faith in my inner healing power now. 

I found short windows for sunbathing as my house is surrounded by towering buildings that restrict sunlight. The golden sunlight falling on my stomach and my eyes felt like a detox for both the filth in my body and the anxiety in my mind. Supplementing it with two more powerful detox tools like my homemade wet pack and enema kit felt like I finally had a working healing plan in my life. Not just because of the promises made in the workshop, but by observing how my body is responding now.

My bathroom trips didn’t feel like a nightmare anymore. Constipation was slowly being replaced by elation. There was lightness in my body and a spring in my step to start every day with a new focus. I was sleeping effortlessly and waking up without an alarm. Feeling exhausted after exercise? Old news! And what did I give up to get back my life? Time and energy? I have a lot more of both now. Taste? When you have the Satvic Food Book with you, you never need to compromise with your taste buds either. Just make one promise to Mother Nature and you’ll never need to make compromises.

I hope to fully reverse my IBS within the next 3 months by following all the steps. I’m on the fast-track to reclaiming my health already. Soon, I will reclaim my ability to travel and work comfortably. I have also found a new state of zen to tune into when I go driving and someone honks non-stop around me. 

But the benefits didn’t just stop there. Now, I can be a better mother, a better wife, a better daughter who can safeguard my family’s health thanks to my own healing journey.  I feel like everything had to slip out of my hands first so that I could make room to seize a lot more possibilities now. I share this secret that I had buried deep within me for 2 decades with you all praying that you can set yourself free from IBS too.

Josephine spending time with her two daughters after reversing IBS completely


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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