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Deepshikha sees huge improvement in her Vitamin D & B12 levels.

Deepshikha Mehra, was in her pre-menopausal phase when she started experiencing different health problems such as excess weight & body pain. Despite eating a healthy & plant based diet she was not able to restore her health level. After 6 full months of detoxing & eating healthy she not only lost weight but her Vitamin B12 &  D levels also doubled.


                   Deepshikha Mehra
                         47 year old

                        Profession                                               Homemaker

                    Benefits gained
             Improved Vitamin D & B12 
          Date of Workshop attended
                    5th Feb,2019
                  Time taken to cure
                         6 months

                    Email address

"I was amazed after seeing my reports. My vitamin D has gone up, my vitamin B12 has doubled & my cholesterol levels have come down. Not only this, I lost 7 kilos & my stamina has improved tremendously."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 

I stumbled upon the Satvic Movement's YouTube videos completely by chance. I wasn't suffering from any disease but as I am 47 years old & nearing my menopause I did experience certain problems like sudden weight gain & constant pain in my legs. For the same reason, I have been vegan for the last year and I am always on the lookout for health-related discoveries. When I saw Subah's video, I was totally intrigued. I was so inspired by the knowledge Subah shared in the video that I ended up watching all her videos in a single day. Something inside me resonated with the ideas shared in the videos & asked me to try it. And, when I got to know that Subah was coming to Mumbai for a workshop I instantly booked a seat. After attending the workshop all my doubts from the videos were gone and I was ready to embark on the journey to better health.


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

As I was already vegan, I did not have to make major changes to my diet. But, to be honest, I did not follow the diet religiously but I made sure that I ate at least 2 satvic meals in a day. Other than diet I followed everything with full faith. To deep cleanse my system I took enema for 3 weeks. I also go to the park every morning to do sunbathing, sun gazing & pranayama. In the evening after getting back home, I immediately put on my wet packs. I have started eating my dinner at 7 pm & breakfast at 12 noon so that I can maintain a 16-17 hour fasting period. And, even if I feel like having a cheat meal, I cheat on homemade food. One thing I realized very soon in my journey was that my body itself no longer craved for unhealthy food & if I ever ate something unhealthy my body instantly rejected it.


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

For most of our adult lives, we women have been hearing that we have to take multivitamins & calcium supplements to keep our bones healthy. I was also one of those women who took multiple supplements for no particular reason, I was like a drug lord, I had drawers stuffed with medicines. Moreover, I had turned vegan a year ago and all my friends were after me. They did not understand it at all & were always saying, "Where are you going to get your calcium & protein from if you will not eat ghee or drink milk?". I started following the satvic lifestyle last February and honestly, I haven't taken a single pill since then. Recently, on my friends' insistence, I got my blood tests done. I was amazed after seeing my reports. My vitamin D has gone up, my Vitamin B12 has doubled & my cholesterol levels have come down. Not, only this, I have lost 7 kilos & my stamina has improved tremendously. Earlier, I used to eat some almonds or fruits before going to the gym and still couldn't get through the workout without huffing & puffing, but now even on an empty stomach, I feel energetic throughout the workout. 



Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

Yes, living closer to mother nature & following her laws has really helped me gain more mental clarity and inner peace whereas on the other hand many of my friends in my social circle are sad & depressed. Depression is a disease that never existed before this generation. People are depressed for no reason at all. Just the other day a friend of mine was sharing about her depression and it instantly slipped out my mouth that "maybe it's all the food that you are eating that is causing these problems", because I remembered what Subah had explained about the milk & dairy products, about how cows are tortured & infused with hormonal injections to produce more milk. So, automatically when we drink the milk of the same cow, those hormones are transferred into our body and give birth to problems like depression. And, since I have started eating plant based, wholesome foods I have been so much happier & peaceful.


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