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How 50 year old Debjani lost 25 kilos in 8 months

Debjani Mishra, a yoga trainer was already very health-conscious- she did yoga and pranayam regularly, ate raw fruits and vegetables in the day, and cooked food at night, she even tried fasting. But none of it could get rid of her excess weight, until she gave Satvic lifestyle a try, let's find out how she turned her clothes size from XL to XS!


                     Debajani Mishra
                        50 year old
                         Profession                                                    Home maker
                   Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
                   Diseases reversed
                       Weight loss
 Started following the Satvic Lifestyle 
                       September, 2019
                    Time taken to cure
                           6 months

“At last year's Durga Puja, I was embarrassed with my huge tummy hanging out as I did dandia dance, this year after the weightloss, I'm so happy with how I look that I'm dancing with extra joy" 


Menopause made my happiness pause

It all started in the year 2017 when I had my menopause and my life went for a toss. I used to weigh 67 kgs and after menopause, my weight gradually increased to 77 kgs. Being a yoga trainer, and doing 2 hours of daily intense yoga did not help me lose any weight at all. I was not used to being this fat, a voice within me kept nagging “What will people think? You are a yoga trainer but you yourself are overweight?”

 To add to my misery, my tummy gave me a lot of trouble. I was unaware that I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) I felt like my tummy was not in my control. Loose motions, acidity, cramps, stole my peace of mind. Every pill I popped only suppressed the pain for a few hours. The pain and discomfort were so unbearable that I strongly believed I had cancer. I went to every testing center nearby, I got all kinds of tests done, forget cancer, not a single test indicated anything wrong with my body. When a doctor told me I had irritable bowel syndrome, I did a lot of courses to get rid of it. None of those 10-day courses provided relief for more than 10 days! 

My relative recommended New Diet System and I tried it. I ate raw fruits and vegetables in the daytime and cooked food in the nighttime. This led to constipated mornings as the grain meal still had not digested. Without bowel clearing, how can I do yoga? 

This diet did not help me much apart from losing a little weight. 

One day while meditating, I prayed to the universe with utmost devotion, “please, lead me to the permanent solution to get rid of my IBS and excess weight” 


My prayers being answered 

One day as I was watching New Diet System video, Satvic Movement's video started playing and she told how you could fix your diseases with three easy steps. (Insert link) those days, she only had three videos and I have would keep watching and re-watching them every day. I was desperate to lose weight and I hated how fat would be hanging everywhere on my body. 

I secretly purchased an enema pot and started my Satvic journey on 2nd August 2019, within 2 days of regularly doing enema, I lost 2 kg, and by November 2019, I lost 10 kg and by 8 months of regularly following the entire lifestyle, I lost 25 kilos of weight!  

I was overjoyed with my transformation, my jeans size had come down from 34 to 28. A lot of people started approaching me for weight loss tips and even started their own journey. I really wanted to get in touch with Subah and Harsh and thank them. Right then, I saw a video of Subah and Harsh inviting us to join for a juice-fast. I knew this was my calling. 

During the 3-day Juice fast, Subah and Harsh explained the Satvic lifestyle so beautifully and in-detail that there was no room for any doubts or worries. 

Debjani ji enjoying her 3 day juice fast

 I found a beautiful community that showered praises upon me for my drastic weight loss by following the Satvic lifestyle. Within three days, I lost another 2.5 kg of waste from my body! On the second day of the juice fast, doing enema surprised me. Not only was it very easy to do, but I could see with my own eyes how much sticky old mucus was leaving my body at last! 

I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I also attended the next two Juice Fasts conducted by them. 


Time to test

Now I had another step added to my regular routine- once a week juice fast.

My previous routine consisted of 16-hour fasting, enema, wet-pack, one-grain meal a day, vegetable juices, and having soups and salads. 

I woke up at 5 every morning and did enema every day (first 3 months). Doing so has made me forget what constipation is!

Debjani ji during her daily yoga practice

I enjoy my personal yoga practice in the sunshine. After my yoga classes and sunbathing, I cooled down with a glass full of ash gourd juice. These vegetable juices replaced my daily dose of antacid and always made my tummy happy.

Debjani ji excited about her wet pack routine 

Right before entering the kitchen to cook for my family, I would put on a wet pack, by the time I would chop the vegetables and prepare for cooking, 20 minutes would have passed and then I'd remove the wet pack and continue my cooking. 

Around lunchtime, I enjoyed eating composite roti with lots of minimally cooked vegetables. 

For my final meal, I would have either a salad or a soup by 6 PM. This suited my body better than eating raw all day and cooked food during the night. 

A glimpse into her daily Satvic diet- mono fruit for breakfast, Satvic salad for lunch,  and Satvic tomato soup for dinner

On every Monday, I do a full-day juice fast, I drink only three to four vegetable juices throughout the day and apply wet pack twice a day. I enjoy doing enema twice a day during my juicefast and see all the toxins your body (praanshakti) has successfully cleaned up. 

This lifestyle is not just a disease reversal or weight loss method, it is much more than that, it is the best way to live life. 

Following this lifestyle has helped me lose 25 kilos in 8 months, I used to wear XL size clothes and now I wear XS! I got all of my clothes altered and even donated a lot of clothes during the lockdown. I’m happier and more confident now.

 Now I dont suffer from a single symptom of IBS, I cant remember the last time I took an antacid. Forget acidity, I don't even get a single burp these days!

Even my under eye bags just vanished ! Now people look at me and cannot believe that I’m 51 years! 

I had a very strong belief in the healing power of mother nature as my grandfather was a naturopath doctor himself. I remember during childhood when my mother offered him papaya and rasgulla(indian sweet) he used to exclaim "arey ye amrit ke saath zehar kyu de rahi ho?" (Oh! Why are you offering poison alongside nectar?) 

I have seen how he has saved my uncle from a very deadly disease just by sticking to nature cure treatment. 

However, initially I had a difficulty in saying no to snacks being offered at Kitty parties. So I used to eat salad all day and have very little snacks at the party. Now I have stopped going to Kitty parties altogether, and even if they do insist, I skip the snacks or request for a fresh juice instead. 

Incase I would go to someone's house who force me to eat something loaded with grains, I would feel the difference in my body next day- my tummy would indicate that I made a mistake, then I quickly do an enema and fix the issue ! 

This lifestyle gives you better results than taking thousands of pills, all you have to do is be patient and persistent! 


Author’s note 

Debjani has been religiously following this lifestyle since August 2019. Till date she keeps on experiencing new benefits of adopting the Satvic lifestyle such as more mental clarity, more peace of mind, more strength and stamina, no cravings to name a few 

Along with her weightloss, she lost confusion, anxiety and fear. Now she is happy and confident whatever she does, wherever she goes. 


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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