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60-year-old Sangeeta reverses her 30-year-old diabetes and hypothyroidism in 4 months

Sangeeta Buddhiraja was used to seeing vibrant colors each day and while we would have imagined her seeing them somewhere in the middle of a beautiful garden, those colors were sadly, right in her room, under a drawer, sitting inside a medicine cabinet. Medicines of all possible colors existed there, alongside 4 scary injections that she was supposed to take each day for her diabetes and hypothyroidism. Until one day in 2018, when her husband came home to tell her that his life has been changed forever, and he was ready to change hers too. He had been to a Health Transformation Workshop that day and was all set to throw the entire cabinet of medicines outside the house. Let's see what really happened since that day. 


                    Sangeeta Buddhiraja 
                           60 year old
                     Diseases Reversed
                Diabetes & Hypothyroidism
              Date of Workshop attended
           Health Transformation Workshop                                     (August 2018)
                   Time taken to heal
                           4 months
                       Email address


“One day my husband came home and said his life has been transformed. He had come back from Subah’s workshop. Since then, not only his but 60 other lives along with mine have been transformed in this neighborhood”


The era of diseases

In late 1983, 2 things entered my house. My first ever child and my first ever disease. My doctor and I had a classic moment of “here’s some good news and some bad news. What would you like first?” The good news was that I was now a mother, and the bad news was - I was now a diabetic mother. ‘Buy two, get one free’ was in vogue back then - and thus, came with those two was a free ‘Thyroid’. Life had turned me into quite a multitasker, just not the way I would have hoped. Juggling between a newborn, medicines, injections, no energy, high TSH, and high sugar levels, my life was turning into a complete mess. 

And as my beautiful son kept growing over the years, my medicines kept growing too. Such that, medicines weren’t taken in between meals, meals were taken in between medicines. 

My house had turned into a chemist shop. Neighbors by now knew exactly where to go to when they needed some. 

Until one day, 9th June 2018, when my husband refused to drop my son at the airport for his big send away, and instead said he had something more important to go to. I remember looking at him with puzzled eyes, thinking what could be more important than giving our son a proper farewell. 

He was right. It was more important. It was an event of a grander farewell. The farewell of our diseases. 


Life transforming 

Subah had come to our town, Chandigarh, for her first-ever Health Transformation Workshop. My husband had seen the ad in the newspaper and at once decided to attend it. That night he came back home, tore that clipping from the newspaper, laminated it, kept it in our temple, and said “My life has been transformed”. I asked him to sit down for dinner and tell me more, to which he said “Dinner wouldn't be necessary. My hunger has been satisfied.”

My curiosity was shooting through the roof and I decided to attend the workshop myself. It was in August 2018, when I realized what was this magic that he had been talking about.

And suddenly my husband and I had all the time in the world to spend with each other discussing this new knowledge that we just received of healing all our diseases ourselves. And while it felt new to us, we also now knew it was as old as 5000 years ago.

At once we had the instinct to trust it and started following the Satvic lifestyle.

We started with the ash gourd juice in the morning, sat in the sun together, and continued our conversations. I made Satvic food for us, making sure our atta was with choker( wheat’s husk), and that our rotis were 50% grain and 50% vegetable, along with all our meals being filled with fiber. Applying a Wet Pack was the activity that I looked forward to the most each day. It became my biggest source of relaxation. Going for brisk walks twice a day was now the new religion. Enemas, however, sounded so alien to me in the workshop that I at once decided against them. However, my husband encouraged me to do it, and only after the first time, I was obsessed with it. I can't believe the amount of waste the enema has helped me remove from my body. Every time I would exit my bathroom, I would feel 500 grams lighter. While initially, I thought it was all in my head, it became believable when people around me started saying “hey how are you losing this much weight?”.

I decided to get on a weighing scale and I was shocked to see that my weight had reduced so much for the first time in 3 decades. Eventually, I was down 20 kg in 4 months. And to date, I feel like I’m losing some each day.


A new era begins

I went to my doctor at the end of those 4 months when he once again sighed and asked “ab kaunsi nayi bimaari lekr aayi ho?” to which I promptly said “koi nayi bimaari nahi, magar saari purani bimaariyan chor aayi hun.” And that was the last time I saw him. While I always considered myself a happy person, I had never known happiness like this before. All the jeans that I had lost hope on, packed in a bag and kept somewhere deep in the storehouse, were now making their way back to my room. From trying to look for a sofa as the first thing to sit on wherever I went, because of the unbearable pain in my knees, I was now sitting on the floor even in my meditation halls while practicing Buddhism. From hogging on biscuits and gossip when going to my friends' houses, the only point of discussion now was Satvic food.

I couldn't even believe how quickly I lost the taste for junk food. Like we dreamt, medicines had left our house, and injections had gone down from 4 to 1 in 4 months. Everybody around me, my kids, my friends, my relatives were all surprised beyond measure. So much so, that I was asked to conduct a workshop every week in our community sharing with them all the things that I had learned from Satvic Movement. They were willing to pay anything to get this knowledge of living disease-free. 

But how can you put a price on something that is priceless? My husband was the one who passed it on to me, and I only wished to pass it on to as many as I could. Now, all of us follow the Satvic lifestyle together and can't stop raving about some new disease that some new person is healing each day ever since.


Author's note  

Sangeeta ji started following the Satvic lifestyle in August, 2018, and it brings the same joy to her till today. She followed all the five steps of Satvic life religiously for the first 3 months, and then from there continued Satvic food, 16-hour fasting, sunbathing, walking, and once a week enema and wet packs. She says one of her biggest moments of achievement was when her doctor, in a room full of students and junior doctors, started clapping for her, when she told him she had successfully left all her medications, and reversed all her illnesses. She’s been following the lifestyle for 2 years now, and while diseases have exited, three beautiful nieces from her two sons have entered her life and made these 2 years even grander.  

Now she seems to be standing in the middle of that colorful garden that we had always imagined for her. 


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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