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60 year old Sangeeta reverses 30 year old diabetes & hypothyroidism

Sangeeta Buddhiraja, was suffering from diabetes and hypothyroidism. She was taking high dosage injections & medicines for the last 30 years and had become completely dependent on them. Her search for a natural cure for her diseases brought her to Satvic Movement, where she was able to cure herself by just changing her diet & making some simple changes to her lifestyle.


                    Sangeeta Buddhiraja 
                           60 year old

                     Diseases Reversed
                Diabetes & Hypothyroidism

              Date of Workshop attended
                          August 2018
                    Time taken to cure
                           4 months

                         Email address



"I am delighted to share that I have completely stopped taking medicines for thyroid & diabetes. Along with that I have lost 17 kg. I recently went to show my reports to the doctor and the first question he asked was, "Oh! Sangeeta what disease have you gotten now", but later was shocked to see my reports & asked me to quit taking medicines."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 

In 1983 after giving birth to my first child, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was immediately put on a medication by the doctors. I was still battling with imbalanced thyroid when I got diagnosed with diabetes after my second pregnancy in 1986. I was taking 4 injections as well as 2-3 pills every day & this had been the case for the last 3 decades. I was fully dependent on medicines to keep my TSH & sugar levels in control. But, honestly, I did not see my problems getting cured. For my whole life, I had been taking medicines without any explanation, just because I was asked to. I was craving an internal change, something that could help me cure myself naturally and Satvic Movement offered me the same.


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

I followed everything suggested by Subah religiously. After the workshop, I was left with not even a single doubt. Everything explained by Subah was very enlightening & made complete sense. I followed every single step and did not face any challenge as I had full faith in this knowledge. Along with that I also started reducing the dosage of my medicines gradually. Only after a month of following the satvic lifestyle, I was surprised to see the improvements in my health. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?
I am delighted to share that I have completely stopped taking medicines for thyroid & diabetes. Along with that I have lost 17 kg. I recently went to show my reports to my doctor and the first question he asked was, " Sangeeta, what disease have you gotten now" but was later shocked to see my reports. He told me not to take medicines anymore, but he didn't know that I had already stopped taking medicines a long time ago. He even stood up & asked his fellow doctors to clap for me. I can not express how honored & happy I felt at that moment. Not only this, I feel light & full of energy all day long. Now that I have become fit & feel confident in my skin I have started wearing jeans again. Whereas, earlier I used to feel a little uncomfortable because of my belly fat. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

I have always been a positive person but now I feel my level of happiness & positivism has increased multi-fold. The day I attended the workshop was one of the best days of my life. My life has been completely transformed since that moment. One thing that gives me immense joy is sharing this knowledge with the people around me. All my friends, relatives & neighbors have started asking me questions about my diet & lifestyle. I am getting calls every day from people I don't even know asking me about this lifestyle. I have a friend who is a gynecologist and even she came to my place the other day to asked me about the Satvic Lifestyle. I am extremely grateful to Subah for changing my life & guiding me towards a healthy way of living.

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