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Pooja reverses severe psoriasis within 6 months

After her second pregnancy Pooja was diagnosed with severe psoriasis. Within months it has spread to more than 90% of her body. Doctors said that this problem can't be cured and she has to learn to live with it. But, she was not the one to lose hope. She not only cured her psoriasis but even reversed the damage done. 


                       Pooja Pandey
                        32 year old

                         Profession                                         Senior Software Engineer

                    Disease reversed
           Date of Workshop attended
                       Did not attend
                   Time taken to cure
                          6 months
                      Email address


" Just a few months ago I was suffering from severe psoriasis, 90% of my body was covered with these red, big, itchy, dry patches. Every doctor has said the same thing that it can't be cured. After following the Satvic Lifestyle, within 3 months, I saw these patches completely vanishing away. It was nothing short of magic."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 

In June 2018, I noticed a tiny red patch emerge on my neck for the first time. Soon, I learnt that it was psoriasis. My whole family was shocked because up to that point no one in my family had even heard about this disease. Within a few months my conditioned worsened severely. In January 2019, almost 95% of my body was covered with big, dry, itchy, red patches. I could see my skin falling off. It was everywhere; on my bed, on my clothes, on the floor. It was heartbreaking. 

I didn't know what to do and where to go. My husband & I went from one doctor to another desperately looking for a solution but everyone said the same thing that it's a lifelong disease and it can't be cured. I tried everything; allopathy, homoeopathy, ayurveda but nothing seemed to work. Soon it also started effecting my mental health. My mind was completely consumed by it and I wasn't even able to give my full attention to my newborn. Around April I got to learn about this nature cure ashram in Vijayawada. I decided to go there, but the treatment involved 21 days of honey waster fasting that I couldn't do. Those 15 days made a huge impact on my health. After coming back, I started looking for similar solutions online that is when I discovered Satvic Movement's videos on YouTube and decided to follow the lifestyle.  


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

Watching Subah's videos gave me a lot of confidence. Somehow, I was able to relate to every single thing shared by her. It made complete sense and gave me the belief that by following nature's laws I will be able to cure my psoriasis. I stopped all my medication from day one and started following the Satvic Lifestyle with full faith. I started doing 16-hour fasting and ate only two meals a day; fruits for breakfast and soup or salad for dinner. I did not eat any grain meal for 3 months. Sunbathing has become like a daily ritual to me, every day I spend at least 30-40 minutes soaking in the sunlight. And, on days I miss it, I end up feeling not fresh and lazy. Within 3 months, I started seeing huge improvements in my skin. It was surprising to me as well as my family to see how I was able to heal just by changing my food. Whereas, earlier I was spending so much money on the medicines and was also experiencing so many side effects. I even stopped all the topical treatments, I was using and only applied coconut oil on my skin. Till now I don't use any chemical product on my skin and it has never been this healthier. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

Not only new rashes stopped coming up but I saw how miraculously my old scars faded away. Just a few months ago I was suffering from severe psoriasis, 90% of my body was covered with these big, red, itchy patches. Every doctor has told me that it can never be cured. But, after following Satvic food & detoxing, within 3 months, I saw these patches completely vanishing away. It was nothing short of magic for me. Not only this I also reversed my 5 year old problem of cracked heels. I had severely cracked heels for which I used to get pedicures and apply n number of creams. And, I still can't believe I lost 18 kg in just 3 months. After the pregnancy, I had gained a lot of weight and its all gone now. Moreover, my skin feels so much healthier, I don't use any creams or feel the need to go to a parlour anymore. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

Yes, I definitely have. I remember, earlier I used to get angry over small things. I used to get tensed about situations & other's opinions affected me very much. I did not know changing my food will also change the way I think. Now, I feel so calm and composed even in difficult situations, I have gained the strength to listen to people and handle the situation calmly. I do not let external elements affect my internal peace anymore. Every day, I am grateful to God and to Subah for this valuable knowledge that has completely changed my life. 

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