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Divyata reverses 6 diseases & reduces 18 kg within 4 months

Carrying the burden of multiple diseases running from the top of her head to the heel of her foot, Mrs Divyata entered the doors of our on-ground health transformation workshop back in November 2019, Mumbai. Disappointment lurking from every corner of her eye, having tried and lost hope in every possible solution previously available, we instantly realised the gravity of the situation we were in. And the rest is penned down in history. 


Watch Divyata Raval's full story here-


Divyata Raval 
                        31 year old
Company Secretary & Lawyer
                  Diseases reversed

        BP, Diabetes, psoriasis, severe               acidity, hemoglobin issues, PCOD

                 Workshop attended 
                   November, 2019
                  Time taken to heal
                        4 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema (21 days)
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
                      Email address


“Even at the end of the workshop, I thought I couldn't do this. How could I leave my khakra and dhokla, to me those were the healthiest things a person could possibly have. Until my definition of health changed, and in turn shattered the previous beliefs of my mind”


Diseased life

While my whole family was busy packing their clothes, itineraries, and bags, preparing for a Singapore trip, here I was sitting in the corner of my room, excessively worrying about packing my extravagant box of medicines, fearing I don't leave behind any. This was the story of my life. Medicines. All days beginning and ending at that box.

Wanna know the fancy list of my diseases? Definitely not minimal and damn it sought attention. Blood pressure, psoriasis, diabetes, PCOD, haemoglobin abnormalities, and severe acidity. And no, I didn't use the term ‘severe’ as an adjective. My severe was so severe that even the doctor was shaken by its severity.

I was recommended to go for an endoscopy, that means, tubes longer than your long arms would be inserted inside my body with cameras on every part of it. Alas! There goes my privacy.

Divyata's pictures from before she started following the Satvic Lifestyle (October 2019)


Bubble's bursting

The fear of having already seen my father go through the soul-shaking pain and grief of that surgery shook me and made me want to go beyond the small steps that I had been taking till then to tackle my diseases. After spending lakhs and lakhs of money on gym memberships, dieticians, and personal trainers, I was hanging by a thread and now needed a full-proof win. That's when Satvic Movement came to me as a godsend. While I entered the workshop with 0% hopes and 100% anxiety, sat through those three hours thinking oh my god! How in the world will I do this, by the end however I had a newfound conviction that I’ve got to give this a shot. I set my bar low.

Having had nothing work for me in the past, I wasn't ready to believe that this is it. I decided to do it just for a month, but religiously, giving it a fair chance to prove its power. I followed all the steps with complete sincerity for those 30 days and gave up all my medicines meanwhile. It was when I casually went to my doctor at the end of those 30 days was I shook. The doctor did a test on me and my fasting sugar, which was generally 160-180, was now miraculously down to 110. And I still remember that silence in the air between me and my doctor at that moment.

 Divyata doing her morning yoga practice while sunbathing

Roller coaster life 

That moment of silence gave me all the answers that I needed. I decided to continue the lifestyle for another 3 months. Satvic food, daily jogging, and pranayama were now the highlights of my day, times when I felt the most at peace with myself. Enemas and wet packs, after following daily for the first 21 days, were now only done once a week. Severe dandruff that had turned into psoriasis on my head was now healed, Acidity which was once on the verge of admitting me into a hospital, was now nowhere to be felt. Week one it was at its highest, and then gradually just went away altogether, a flow that the Satvic team mentioned was only a sign of detoxification. Menstrual cycles were now back on track. PCOD, Diabetes, BP, all these problems just gone. 

But that's all up and upright? Where’s the downfall? What about it being a roller coaster?

Well, it did come, and it hit me as hard as that gush of wind when we suddenly go down on that track from the utmost peak. After following the lifestyle for four months, i.e., November 2019 to February 2020, the old habits started mysteriously seeping back into my days as the lockdown began. Before I knew it, I was in the same loop of misery, fear and anxiety, old food habits and being in my bed. My hair started falling off in batches as big as a ball, weight was being put on again, and energy was sapped. I was so lethargic that ‘kuch neeche girl jaega toh usse uthane mei bhi mujhe kantaal aata thaa’ (If something used to fall off, barely would I even have the will to bend down and pick it up.)


Disease-free life 

That one video made me question all my food habits and lifestyle choices. I always thought I had all these problems because it is in my hormones & genes, but it was really about the kind of food I had been eating and the lifestyle I followed. Slowly, I incorporated fasting & Satvic diet in my life. I enjoyed sunbathing more than sleeping in an extra hour. My morning tea was replaced with different flavoured herbal tea every day, the plate of boring poha or upma gave way to a platter full of colourful seasonal fruits, coconut became my new favourite snack & vegetable juices my mood refreshers.

It is then when I realised that this lifestyle is no disease reversal hack, it is a way of living life. This downfall, as dreadful as it was, was also very necessary for me because my feelings toward a Satvic life changed wholly after it. 

Divyata practicing pranayama after her morning yoga

Yes, I healed 6 diseases in 4 months. Yes, that's the happiest that I've ever been in my life. 

But what I took away the most from this lifestyle is the kind of value each day now holds in my life. My days have suddenly become longer, not having to waste excessive amounts of time bothering about cooking, saving so much money that was earlier spent on medications and nutritionists. The loop that I was trapped in, of fear, and guilt eating, and feeling poorly about myself, were now replaced with newfound confidence and the ability to see the beauty in myself, in those around me, and in the magnificent nature that surrounds us all. 

Through my hardships, I realized that a Satvic Life is no longer a life I am required to follow, but it's a life that I now want to follow. 

And right then, the real magic of this life opened up its arms to me as a mother would to her newborn child.



Ms Divyata has been following the Satvic lifestyle since November 2019 until now, with a gap of 4 months in the middle(from April - July) where due to getting the Covid virus, she gave into her old lifestyle. She has also been off all her medication since the time she began her healing journey.

Divyata with Subah & Harsh at Satvic community meet in Mumbai (January 2021)

Things that she followed - all five steps, enema, 16-hour fasting, wet pack, satvic food, sunbathing - were followed religiously for the first three months. Enema and wet pack did for the first 21 days, and then only when needed. She also went for brisk walking or jogging regularly in the mornings. She also lost 18 kg by staying true to the lifestyle.


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. Click here to know more.

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