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Vrinda reverses her eczema within 3 weeks

After following the Satvic Lifestyle for 3 weeks, Vrinda was able to reverse her 6 month old Eczema without any medicine or topical treatment. For her, understanding the root cause of the disease and removing that cause is the only permanent way to cure a disease. She not only cured her eczema during this period but also developed a holistic relationship with life.


                         Vrinda Carol
                         25 year old
                    Disease Reversed
           Date of Workshop attended 
                       Did not attend
                    Time taken to cure
                           3 weeks
                     Email address

"My body was cleansing out all the accumulated toxins & pushing it out. I started to see signs of healing on my skin. Every day my eczema got smaller & smaller and started to fade away. The itchiness lessened each day. And then after 3 weeks of following this lifestyle something miraculous happened. My eczema was completely gone.


I was living a normal, healthy life- or so I thought, when one day suddenly a huge rash appeared on my finger. It itched uncontrollably. I thought it was poison ivy and let it be. Days, weeks, and even months went by and it was just getting worse. In fact, I started to see it on the other parts of my hands and slowly the whole body. It was spreading! Red, inflamed, itchy and scaly- this was eczema.

Eczema was taking over my mind and life. I couldn't do simple things like washing my hands or showering without being in pain. Water would aggravate it to the point that I had to itch it and the more I itched, the more it would spread. Friends and family would ask, "What happened to your hands". I had to cover my hands with a long sleeved shirt when I went outside, not just because it was embarrassing but because the sun and wind would dry it out and worsen it. Some nights it was hard to fall asleep because o the discomfort. In desperate search for relief, I turned to coconut oil. Applying it would soothe it temporarily but it didn't address the root cause of the problem.

After suffering for about 6 months, I couldn't tale it anymore. I wanted to get to the bottom of this ans cure it for good. I wanted my life back. I wanted my health and I was determined. Little did I know that the power to heal was within me all along.I just had to stop and listen to what my body was trying to tell me. The eczema was indeed an outcry- my body calling for help- telling me something was out of balance. So, I asked myself,"What is a balanced lifestyle?" How to get back to my natural state of health, strength and well being. And then it clicked. The key word here is 'natural'. Instinctively I knew that I had to go back to nature. Mother nature was going to nurture me back to health. I just needed her to work her magic.

After doing some reading and gaining invaluable knowledge from Subah, it became clearer and clearer what a natural lifestyle really is. I watched her videos and talked to her and she cleared all my doubts, guiding me and teaching me more about healthy, natural living. Looking at my life at the time, I realized how artificial and far removed I was from nature. I was boxed in my room most of the time with the windows closed. I led a sedentary lifestyle working on a computer, hardly ever going outside, And worst of all, I was feeding my body processed, refined and unnatural foods. Foods such as bread, pies, cookies, fried foods, sugary foods and a typical western diet consisting of lots of cheese, pastas, breads and noodles. Over time, my body couldn't handle digesting all of this and that started to create health problems. 

So, I made a decision to eat wholesome, natural foods only. I read about the incredible power of eating a fresh, plant-based diet. This meant eating lots of fresh fruits, juices, salads, lightly cooked vegetables, nuts, sprouts and whole grains. The most incredible change in my diet was juicing. Drinking fresh juice in the morning felt like I was cleaning my internal body, flushing out toxins and recharging my body on a cellular level. Wheat grass juice especially helped me. It's my healing elixir. Changing my diet was the biggest part of my healing but it wasn't the only part. I spent hours outside drinking in the fresh air while the morning sun soaked into my skin. I just felt so in sync with nature. I would take a moment to close my eyes and say a prayer of gratitude.  

I'm not going to lie and say it was all easy breezy. The first few days were challenging to make the switch but I persevered and ate clean. If I ended up eating a piece of bread, I'd simply remind myself why I'm doing this and get back up. Then something happened. Within a few days something shifted. My body went through intense detoxification. I had headaches, diarrhea and a runny nose. My body was cleansing out all of the accumulated toxins and pushing it out. I started to see signs of healing on my skin. Each day my eczema got smaller and smaller and started to fade away. The itchiness lessened each day. And then after 3 weeks of following this lifestyle something miraculous happened. It happened so fast and I didn't even realize it. I was so busy enjoying the myriad of health benefits from following this lifestyle such as greater energy, having a fuller life with activity and spending time outdoors. My digestion started working efficiently. I didn't even notice that my eczema had miraculously vanished! And this was within 3 short weeks! 

Now I feel like a changed person. I now know from personal experience the healing power of Mother Nature. She gives us everything we need exactly the way we need it. We don't need to alter the food she gives us in factories or by removing essential nutrients from it. I'm so grateful to get my health back and feel great. Nature truly heals if you let her.




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