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Suvidha ends her 5 year struggle with PCOD in just 3 months

For 5 years, I drifted helplessly like a shipwrecked passenger in an ocean. My gynaecologists would tell me that my lifestyle was wrong, but repeated the same song - “There is no cure. Take your medicines and keep going.” Going where? With 35-day painful period marathons, unpredictable weight gains, hair fall, and emotional struggles, I was clearly going nowhere. In fact, I was drowning. My so-called life jacket of endless tonics and birth control pills was only making me sink deeper. 

Until one day, I found a real rescue boat in the form of a lifestyle plan that didn’t just help me float but helped me fly out of my ocean of problems.


   Suvidha Verma
                       25 years old
                     Mirzapur, UP
                   Diseases reversed


                  Workshop attended                                          None 
                  Time taken to heal
                          3 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet packs
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga
                      Email address


 “When my friends would ask – “How do you fulfil your cravings now?” I simply tell them that you only crave when your food has no life energy to save. And my food was wholesome and glowing with life energy.”

Drowning with nothing to hold onto

I was just 20 years old when I was diagnosed with PCOD. When most of my friends were busy making space for their graduation certificates on their walls, I was running out of room sticking prescriptions and test reports on my wall.

“So what if I even got my graduation certificate?”, I asked my friends who tried to console me. My health had failed me and my dreams were falling apart before I could even step into the real world to make them come true. For that matter, I couldn’t even step into my slippers because of my swollen feet to walk to my graduation day. I couldn’t even make a fist to throw up in celebration with my friends because of my swollen hands. I couldn’t even plan a trip without worrying about how I would face the disappointed faces of my friends by cancelling at the last minute because of my painfully dragged out periods. How dragged out were my periods? A week? I wish. 2 weeks? Wrong again. They could stretch on over a month! I even had to get admitted to the hospital and get tons of injections at one point.

I was so sick of my gynaecologists telling me that it was a lifestyle problem without giving me any meaningful tips to reverse it. They offered me nothing but birth control pills to drown my sorrows in, which had made me so irritable that even my pet lovebirds weren’t spared from a scolding. Their lovely chirps had turned into an annoying chatter – whether it was my aunt’s taunts reminding me: “Shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai, it’s about time you fit into right body type for it” or endless “expert” advice about lightening my dark circles, it was all annoying chatter to me.
When you’re drowning, who wants a lifeguard to scream swimming instructions at you sitting at the beach? You want someone to rescue you.


Getting rescued 

After following yet another failed 3-month medicine course (Primolut N, Loette, Trenaxa 500) that ended in February, I had reached my breaking point. So I started hunting for alternatives. Little did I know how quickly God would intervene once I committed to finding a medicine-free solution. My rescue boat had arrived in the form of a Satvic Movement YouTube video called Detox Your Body.  

The idea of a universal cure through simple natural lifestyle changes sounded too good to be true at first. But the simplicity was undeniable. At least I didn’t have to worry about popping another birth control pill. I didn’t have to walk into nightmarish traffic of side effects with a blindfold on anymore. I had nothing to lose and took it up as a safe experiment. So I started implementing some of the Satvic lifestyle steps one-by-one.

Initially, my parents were firmly against the idea of fasting. But what my parents dismissed as starvation, I now recognized as detoxification. So I started with 16-hour fasting. And within the first month, I couldn’t believe that I lost 2-3 kgs of weight without working out or obsessing over counting calories. Plus, the fact that I just had to snooze through most of the fast overnight to complete it really appealed to me. It gave “you snooze, you lose” a whole another meaning. I could simply sleep through most of the fast and lose a whole lot of toxins now. 

Being a junk food junkie, it took me some time to dump my Maggi, cornflakes, and chocolates. But I was tired of letting my tummy turn into a dead food graveyard and gave up all refined foods as well. Armed with an exciting list of recipes to experiment with from the Satvic Food book, I realized I wasn’t giving up anything. I was simply making an upgrade.

When my friends would ask – “How do you fulfil your cravings now?”

I simply tell them that you only crave when your food has no life energy to save. And my food was wholesome and glowing with life energy.

By April 2020, I gained more confidence and started embracing more steps of the Satvic lifestyle. I would start my day with some warm water followed by a delicious fruit breakfast at 10 am. At 1 or 2 pm, I would have my lunch, eating colourful Satvic rotis with thrice as much sabzi, which made my plate so photogenic that I could run its own successful Instagram channel. At night, around 6-7 pm, I would have a wholesome bowl of soup or salad. I wasn’t confident about using the enema and wet pack therapies. So I avoided them, but look forward to trying them out soon.

My daily sunbathing dissolved my lethargy completely and sungazing felt like a warm brain massage that made me feel focused and relaxed at the same time. 

By the end of 3 months, I had scrapped all of my doctor’s notes and reports down from my wall. I didn’t even bother getting tested again. Why? Because I didn’t need a report to tell me how healthy I was anymore. I could see so clearly how Mother Nature had scrapped away all my problems. I was getting regular and pain-free periods that never lasted for more than a week. My unwanted facial hair, hair fall, and dark circles had almost completely disappeared. My friends couldn’t stop asking me the secret of my journey from 62 kg to 54 kg as they exclaimed – “Everyone is gaining weight in lockdown and you’re the only one losing weight.”


Learning to fly 

It caught me off-guard how I had gone from being an object of pity to an object of inspiration in just a few months. I’ve been disease-free and medicine-free for almost a year now and can rescue so many others just the way I had been rescued. And the best part was watching how quickly the Satvic lifestyle started making an impact once I shared it with my friends and family.

My attitude had shifted from “I have to do it” to “I want to do it” within a few weeks of starting the plan. Why? Because I finally found a healing plan that made me feel like I was at a party instead of feeling like a patient. Now I see so much beauty around me whenever I step out. I feel like I can understand the language of Mother Nature much more clearly. Sometimes I even feel like my pet lovebirds are chirping a song about Mother Nature and happily join in to sing with them.

I realize that I came to the Satvic lifestyle for healing, but stayed back for the love.



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