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Neeraj erases his psoriasis patch and scores a perfect 8/8 immunity score

Mr Neeraj Saini led a healthy, active lifestyle, but despite everything, his psoriasis patch kept on flaring up. When his wife showed him the Satvic movement’s videos, they had a glimmer of hope and attended Subah's health transformation seminar and within a month, he shed 9 kilos making him far more energetic and fit than even the youngsters around him. His psoriasis patch also shrunk, but did it vanish completely? How long before it visits again? Let's find out 


     Neeraj Saini
                       50 years old
                     Faridabad, UP
                   Diseases reversed

                BP, psoriasis, Insomnia

                  Workshop attended                                           August 2019
                  Time taken to heal
                          6 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet packs
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga
                      Email address

20 years I have been going from one doctor to another, the only relief they could give was a maximum of one month without psoriasis flaring up again"


Stumbling upon Satvic Lifestyle

I used to have a psoriasis patch which used to flare up now and then, what all have I not tried to get rid of it? Allopathy, homoeopathy, creams and lotions, all the lotions and potions could only suppress it for a month at the most, it would keep revisiting me like an annoying relative.
In June 2019, my wife showed me Subah’s video on reversing diseases and we were amazed by the videos' simplicity and we could not stop ourselves from watching all the videos and immediately decided to try the lifestyle. Within 1.5 months of making some switches, we could notice changes in our health- it made us feel happier and more active. We knew we were on the right path but needed more information, more guidance on how to completely adopt the lifestyle. 


The Game-changer

We enrolled for an on-ground workshop on 31st August 2019 and from 1st September, we started strictly following the entire Satvic lifestyle- Our day started at 5:30 with a warm glass of water, followed by drinking our cup of herbal tea as a substitute for chai, then I would work out on the terrace, soaking up the sunlight and flushing toxins through sweat.

At 9 AM, I would have a glass of ash gourd juice and at 11:30, a glass full of vegetable juice like ABC (apple-beetroot-carrot) juice. My breakfast was at 12 noon, with any type of fruit- I would eat two whole apples or half a papaya, or maybe three bunches of grapes, till I felt full. My lunch at 2 consisted of green leafy vegetables, some grated cucumber with sprouts. Sometimes I would have another vegetable or fruit juice at 4, and dinner at 7:30 consisting of one portion of salad, two portion of cooked vegetables and one portion of grain- mostly rotis. My entire family including my two sons were following this lifestyle with me.


Sailing through the setbacks

It was not a smooth journey at the beginning, we had severe headaches as we had stopped drinking tea, we used to crave for chai, it took us two whole months to completely lose any interest in having tea.

A gift that keeps on giving

I was never overweight, but still, I ended up losing close to 8 kilos, which made me feel lighter and move quicker.

After switching to the Satvic lifestyle, I had a big smile on my face when I saw the size of the patch had started reducing, it used to itch a lot sometimes but it kept on reducing, till all that’s left now is a small scab that turned into a scar now.

Another big benefit I got was in my quality of sleep- earlier, I used to wake up around 1 in the midnight and toss and turn on my bed sleeplessly till 5:30 AM, and that’s when I would get sleep again, this would make me feel restless throughout the day. Now, 5 minutes within my head hitting the pillow, I am fast asleep and wake upright in the morning, feeling refreshed!
Regarding the BP medicine, after the switch to Satvic lifestyle, I experimented by skipping the BP medicine, the doctors instil so much fear that you feel something scary would happen if you skip the medication, in my case, nothing of that sort happened and it barely made any difference. I can’t believe I have been popping toxins myself in the form of BP medicine for the past 10 years!


Quick recap 

After following this lifestyle for more than one year, we enrolled in the immunity workshop, just to ensure we were on the right track and to get a deeper understanding of what has been happening in our bodies for the past year, and why. I was so delighted to know that my immunity score was a perfect 8/8 which clearly was not the case if I had not been following the lifestyle.


Spreading the lifestyle- multiplying the joy

At least 8-9 acquaintances have started following this lifestyle after seeing my family’s transformation, they all thank me for introducing this lifestyle to them. One of my colleagues has got such drastic positive results that it left his doctors surprised and wondering what is he even doing. Seeing his results, even his daughter in law, living abroad has started following the lifestyle!

During these tough times filled with stress, depression and despair, I feel Satvic lifestyle is a God sent, coming to rescue everyone.


Author's note

Neeraj ji has set an example for everyone around him, he feels fitter and lighter than he did 10 years ago.  



If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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