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Mittal cured her PCOD and enlarged ovaries in 2.5 months.

Mittal Makwana, a resident of Mumbai was suffering from PCOD and enlarged ovaries. She wanted to cure herself naturally without medicines. Following the Satvic Lifestyle did not just cure her PCOD but also improved her mental and emotional health.


Mittal Makwana
30 year old
Imitation factory owner
Borivali, Mumbai
Disease reversed
PCOD & enlarged ovaries
Date of Workshop attended
18th May, 2019
Time taken to cure
3 months
Email address

"I feel more active and fresh in the morning, earlier it used to take me half an hour to get up in the morning, but now I can instantly get out of the bed."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? Any health problem? Any fitness goal?
The reason, I started following the Satvic diet was my PCOD problem. I was suffering from PCOD for the last 10 years and in the last few months the situation got worse. The doctors always said that it can not be cured, but only controlled through medicines. But, I am not in favor of medicines as it can increase my risk of getting diabetes and other health problems. Moreover, in my family, we try to stay away from medicines as much as possible, so I started looking up for the alternatives. In March, my sister shared Subah's videos with me and after that, I was convinced that this can cure my problem and I started following the diet & doing intermittent fasting immediately.


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.
As soon as I saw the videos, I started 16-hour fasting, and had only one-grain meal per day. I included more raw foods in my diet. I was really happy with the changes I experienced in such a short period of time and decided to attend Subah's seminar to get full knowledge of the Satvic Lifestyle. After that, I switched to having single grain meal a a time. I stopped consuming milk and other dairy products. Apart from this, I did enema and wet packs whenever, I got time.  


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?
What doctors said can not be cured ever, was cured in a few months. The swelling in my ovaries diminished and I also lost a significant amount of weight. Most importantly, I feel more active and fresh. Earlier, it used to take me half an hour to get up in the morning, but now, I get out of bed instantly. Not only me, but my sister also cured her disk hernia with the Satvic Lifestyle. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any spiritual or mental changes?
As they say "You are what you Eat'". So, now my mind has become as decluttered as my body. I was always a short-tempered person but changing my food habits has also changed that. My friends tell me that I have become more tolerant and patient. I also feel much calmer and relaxed.


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? A world where everyone lives in sync with nature. What do you picture?
To be honest, my family never believed in medicines, my father always stressed upon treating mild diseases like cold and fever without medicines. Actually, my mother used to stay very sick, she was on medication for the most part of her later years. My father and we saw how medicines instead of curing, worsened her condition. I have realized that having the right food is true health care, whereas medicines are just sick care. This world is possible with the right knowledge and guidance. 


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