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Disha reverses gastritis, piles, acne & low blood pressure within 2 months

You thought 2020 was the worst year ever? Wait till you hear how Ms Disha’s 2019 was. Every time she thought things couldn't get any worse, she was in for another shock. For the first time in her life, she was getting more aware of her body, not for the right reasons, but because there was now a new disease developing in every part of her body. And yet, today if you look at her, the first thing you see is a light radiating through her face, and a smile so bright that it makes you wonder, what changed really?


Disha Chopra
                        25 year old
       IP Analyst, CPA Global
                            Noida, UP
                   Diseases reversed

               Gastritis & Blood pressure

                 Workshop attended 
       3 day juice fast (September 2020)
                  Time taken to heal
                         2 months

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema (21 days)
  • Wet pack 
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
                      Email address


I had almost admitted that my life would be short and an unhappy one. However, I was in for a big surprise that ended up changing the entire course of my life"


Journey of the pained-life  

Pain was something that I was introduced to very early on in my childhood. Piles was the first of it all, gradually converting into constant constipation and low blood pressure. Problems of being overweight, stressed and depressed were details I wouldn't even bore you with. You know why? Because I have more interesting ones in my bag. Ever heard of Parenchymal Calcification? While you thought reading the term was tough enough, you got to take my word on how that's nowhere close to the torture of actually living through it. Having those kidney stones removed from my body and nearing the ending of 2019, I somehow gave myself the confidence that at least that's out of the way, is when I was hit with yet another wave. 

Hey doctor what new disease are we buying this time? 

“Disha, it’s typhoid.” 

Oh no! It doesn't sound half as interesting as the last one!


Journey of pain-free life

By now, I had accepted my fate. I already knew my life would be a short and an unhappy one. However, this time when I was hospitalised, I was shaken to such an extent that somewhere in my heart I decided, I don't want to get hospitalized ever again. I came home and began my research on how to cure constipation. Simple ask right? I don't want much, just take my constipation away. Little did I know that god had a bigger plan for me. I asked him to take away one pain, he took away my all. After going through a few series of YouTube videos and crash diets, having my constipation get even worse, in September 2020, I finally landed upon a channel named Satvic Movement and saw an online workshop happening. I spontaneously decided to attend it and my life has not been the same ever since. 2 months into the lifestyle and low blood pressure? Gone! Blood in piles? Gone! Constant pain in joints? Gone! Bloating and gastritis? Gone! Sleepless nights? Gone! Urine infection? Gone! Weight from 58 kgs to 49 kgs? All Gone!

60 days in and I could see every demon leaving my body. 

But was it easy? You bet it wasn't.

Demons aren't easy to leave, and something tells me, you would know that just as well.



The first two weeks of the new Satvic lifestyle were all about constant hunger. For someone who used to love her parathas and chai early morning, it wasn't so easy to give up on it and shift to a bowl of fruits and some juice. And bloating surely didn't add on to that confidence. Another hit on my confidence? The half squinted eyes that I constantly received from my family, beginning to think if it was my mind that they need to hospitalize next. 

What held me together then?

Proof. The constant proof that was being thrown at me. Tea left for one day and miraculously my gastritis goes away. Ash gourd juice for a few days and my body and face acne goes away. From waking up all grumpy in the morning right before 9 AM, only to drag me to the office, I was now waking up at 4 AM without an alarm, ready to kick start my day. Being constantly conscious and embarrassed in the office about my bloating to now brimming with energy. But you know what was even stronger than proof? 


Community love 

The love, the support, and the family that I found in the Facebook community that I became a part of after the online health workshop. When my own family was looking at me with those doubtful eyes, I had a Satvic community of a few hundred knowing exactly what I'm going through, and being there to hold my hand through it all. Gaining deeper knowledge and clarity about the science of natural living is what got my faith stronger with each passing day. My constant source of motivation and inspiration were now being driven by this community. 

If back in September 2020, someone would have told me that all my diseases could be cured in 2 months, I would have said ‘Are you crazy? Of Course not!’

However, it was this newfound community that changed me and made me say-

Are you crazy? Why not!’ 



Ms Disha has been following the satvic lifestyle since September 2020.

Steps that she followed - all five steps, enema, 16-hour fasting, wet pack, satvic food, sunbathing - are being followed religiously. Enema and wet pack were done for the first 21 days, and then only when needed. She is extremely fond of cooking, as has come up with many of her own satvic recipes, including plant-based paneer, oil-free satvic sabzis, sugar-free desserts, and more. She has lost 10 kg by staying true to the lifestyle. 


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 
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