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Atiya fights her way back from depression & reduces her TSH levels

After losing her only child Atiya was devastated which led her to develop depression and other health problems. Following the Satvic Lifestyle for 3 months completely transformed her life, she not only cured her depression and thyroid but has become a better and healthier version of her self. 


Atiya Sheikh
53 year old
Interior Designer
Sonari, Jamshedpur

Disease reversed
Depression, Body pain, and Thyroid.

Date of Workshop attended
18th May 2019
Time taken to cure
2 and a half months

Email address

"I was one of those people who wouldn't step out of their house without a pain killer. I carried them everywhere. I used to have severe body pains, in my back, my knees, my head. But, since January 2019, I have not taken a single pain killer. It is the biggest achievement for me. "


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 
A few years ago, I lost my only child, and that broke me down completely. I was at the lowest point of my life. I was devastated and was suffering from depression and ill health. My weight increased and my whole body used to ache all the time. I was already a thyroid patient for the last 15 years and was in the habit of taking regular medicines. I was tired of living an unhealthy and diseased life, and, wanted to bring changes to my life by improving my health, that's why I decided to follow this lifestyle. Iwould just be surfing the net & watching Tv when I cam across Subah's video on Intermittent fasting. I have a very strong beleif in fasting and her video made a strong impact on me. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.
The first video from Satvic Movement was about intermittent fasting. As a Muslim, I too have a strong belief in fasting and its importance. Listening to Subah talking about fasting from a health perspective made complete sense to me. Doing intermittent fasting was the first step took. Afterwards, I watched other videos & started making little changes in my diet such as eating one grain meal in a day & including more raw vegetables in my diet. Few weeks into it & I could already see lot of positive changes in my health. I immediately felt more energetic and after a very long time felt a desire to step out of the house. After 2 months of doing this I also started taking enema & applying wet packs & that was when I realized that it was really helping me. I wanted to learn all about it & clear all my doubts for which
I decided to come to Delhi from Jamshedpur especially for the Workshop. I attended the workshop in April 2019 & since then I have been following everything religiously. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?
I have been suffering from thyroid for the last 15 years & for the first time in life my TSH levels has come down. I have reduced the dosage of my medicine from 100 mg to 50 mg. I have also lost 10 kilos in 4 months. Believe me, I was one of those people who wouldn't step out of the house without a pain killer. I carried them in my bag everywhere. I used to suffer from severe body pain, in my back, my knees, my head. But, since January 2019, I have not taken a single pain killer. It is the biggest achievement for me. And, even if I feel some pain, I simply go and apply wet pack &  take enema. Earlier, I used to fall sick very often, I was frequently down with fever, cold & cough. And, since I have started following the satvic lifestyle, I have not fallen sick even once. To be honest, I am not even following it 100 %. I have always been a hardcore non vegetarian. For me it is not easy to quit is completely, but instead of daily, I only have it once a week now.  


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?
Yes, my mental health has improved a lot. Along with changing my diet & lifestyle I also did a course in Pranic Healing. To be honest, eating life giving food & being connected to nature has complimented my journey as a healer so well. My anger & irritation level has come down. I feel much calmer & happier now. My tolerance level has gone up tremendously & I can see myself losing on to past grudges & forgiving people. Also, I have not cried since last 4-5 months because I have gained this new understanding about life & myself. I have changed so much internally, it's like I have become a new person altogether. It's like I am coming back to my roots.


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? What do you picture?
It will be like a paradise, where everything will be like the way God intended it to be. Everybody would be connected to mother nature and each other, it will be magical. And it is possible if people like us spread this knowledge all around. People will soon realize the truth and will bring changes in their lives with the help of this age-old wisdom.

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