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Sumit reverses constipation & Vit B12 deficiency in 2 months

Sumit Pawar, a 29 year old Software Engineer from Mumbai was suffering from constipation & Vitamin D & B12 deficiency. His search for healthy & conscious living brought him to Satvic Movement. He witnessed great changes in his physical as well as mental health within 2 months of following a natural lifestyle.

                          Sumit Pawar
                            29 year old
                       Software Engineer
                        Benefits gained
            Cured constipation and gained                                     spiritual strength

               Date of Workshop attended
                          19th May 2019
                      Time taken to cure
                             2 months

                         Email address

"My patience level has improved tremendously & I have become more mindful of my words & actions. It's like I have gathered a command over my thoughts.Now, if some one shouts at me, instead of reacting with anger & resentment I try to keep quiet and reflect on my feelings." 


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 

I was never one of those people who gets medical check ups done on a regular basis. But, a few months ago my brother insisted me to visit a doctor as I was experiencing symptoms such as weakness, weight loss & body pain. After getting my blood tests done, I found out that I had Vitamin D and B 12 deficiency so this was one the reasons. Apart from this I also had constipation and encountered difficulty passing motions.  But, my primary reason behind following this lifestyle was my aspiration to deepen my spiritual journey. I always knew that our spiritual health is directly related with our physical health. For last 8 years, I have been associated with a spiritual organisation named Shiv Yog. The food & health philosophy taught by my guru ji there was kind of similar to the Satvic philosophy. What I lacked were proper resources to put all these teachings into action. Watching Subah's videos gave me the solution. I was inspired and intrigued by the satvic concepts and finally someone was there to guide me. I needed a set of rules, a proper routine, diet and the recipes that could assist me in my journey, and I got all that at Satvic.


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

After watching the videos, I gradually started bringing changes into my diet. I ordered the Satvic Food Book & started trying out satvic recipes now and then. To begin with, I started eating smoothies for breakfast instead of usual heavy paranthas and bread butter & I could instantly feel the difference between my energy levels. After that I replaced dinner with soup and ate only one grain meal in a day. After the workshop I started following other steps as well such as intermittent fasting, sunbathing & wet packs. When I applied the wet pack for the first time I instantly felt light & relaxed and all my tiredness disappeared. I did not take enema as I have been a little busy lately. But, I will start taking it soon. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

My constipation problem is completely resolved. I can pass motions easily without any difficulty. I have also witnessed tremendous improvement in my sleeping pattern and energy levels. Earlier, after eating a meal I could feel the drowsiness falling over me, but now, I feel full of energy and vitality, whereas all my colleagues at office has to depend on artificial stimulants such as tea or coffee to stay awake. And, at night as soon as I lie in my bed I can feel the relaxation and deep sleep drifting over me. I can sleep soundly no matter if there is electricity or not or whether I am covered in blanket or not. One thing I feel really happy about is my new found love of cooking for myself. When you cook food for yourself you can feel an emotional connectivity. The whole process becomes special and intimate. I am always experimenting with the recipes and customizing them. Whenever I carry satvic sabji and roti at work people get really curious and ask me so many questions that I always feel glad to answer. It's like I am growing through the process as I am going through it.


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

One of my main reasons behind following the Satvic Lifestyle was to gain mental clarity. Through out this journey I have seen many mental & spiritual changes in me. One major change that I have witnessed is that I no longer get overwhelmed with the situations. My patience level has improved tremendously & I have become more mindful of my words & actions. It's like I have gathered a command over my thoughts. Now, if some one shouts at me, instead of reacting with anger & resentment I try to keep quiet and reflect on my feelings. Whereas, earlier I would have reacted aggressively by throwing away my phone or yelling  back. I have also seen huge improvements in my concentration levels as I can feel myself going deeper during meditation sessions. 


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? What do you picture?

Yes, this world is very much possible. I think the health problems will still be there but the treatments will change. Instead of following the traditional approach of prescribing plenty of medicines, doctors will advise on the diet & will prescribe natural treatments such as wet pack, enema & fasting. The whole medical system will be transformed.

I remember going for a walk after dinner with my parents as a kid. At that time there used to be telephone booths and people have to book a call in advance but as mobile phones started coming into the market these booths started disappearing. People started selling mobile phones instead of opening telephone booths, similarly as people will evolve and will find a healthier a way to live, doctors will have to change their medical approach in order to survive. 

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