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Shilpa reverses PCOS, improves eyesight & lost 23 kg

Shilpa Aggarwal an Interior Designer from Mumbai was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. She was suffering from irregular periods, hormonal acne & excess weight gain. Shilpa discovered the power of natural healing with Satvic Movement & reversed her 6 year old PCOS within 3 months.


                       Shilpa Aggarwal
                           29 year old
                     Interior Designer

                     Benefits gained
   Cured PCOS, lost weight & improved                              eyesight

           Date of Workshop attended
                  5th January 2019
                  Time taken to cure
                          3 months

                      Email address

"My struggle with PCOS began with irregular periods, acne & weight gain. I consulted many doctors and they all said the thing that it can't be cured. But, after following the Satvic lifestyle for 3 months not only I cured my PCOS but I also lost astounding 23 kg."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 

I was 23 years old when I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I have always been an ambitious woman and led a hectic lifestyle. I am an interior designer by profession which involves a lot of travelling & late working hours and leaves me no time to look after my health. My struggle with PCOS began with irregular periods, weight gain & hormonal acne. I consulted a couple of doctors & nutritionists but all of them said the same thing that PCOS could only be controlled and not cured completely. My gynaecologist had prescribed me some pills to regularize periods but they did not suit me & made my stomach sick. My major concern was to regularize my periods & lose weight. 

I came across Subah's videos on my way back home from work. After watching her videos, I felt inclined towards giving this lifestyle a try. Unlike my doctors, the video made me understand the real cause behind my problems & promised a complete cure. I remember discussing about Subah & Satvic Movement with my parents. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

Honestly, I wasn't able to follow the complete lifestyle in the beginning. But, yes I did make some major changes in my diet such as quitting dairy & cutting out processed food. Last year in August, I decided to follow everything religiously. I ate as per the satvic meal plan, took regular enema, applied wet packs & did intermittent fasting. Soon, I started experiencing detox symptoms like mild fever, cold & cough. I even got severe diarrhea once. As told by Subah, I did not take medicines during these healing crisis, instead, I applied wet pack & did juice fasting. I knew my body was getting cleansed & was healing. It was like, I could feel my body healing.


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle

After 3 months of following the complete Satvic Lifetsyle, I took my first sonography test. On December 18, 2019, I received my reports & found out that I was no longer a patient of PCOS. The cyst in my left ovary had disappeared & the size of the one in my right ovary has reduced drastically. It was truly magical, I couldn't believe that my 6-7 years old problem got cured naturally within 3 months. Even, my doctor was amazed after seeing my reports & asked me what I was doing. Not only my menstrual cycle became normal & regular I even lost an astounding 23 kg during this time. Moreover, I have had weak eyesight since school. Earlier, I had to wear spectacles in order to watch television clearly. But, after one month of regular sun gazing along with the other steps, my eyesight has improved multi fold. Now, I can see television & other far-off things without glasses. It's wonderful how eating plant based food & following some simple steps could heal my body naturally. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

Yes. I feel more positive now. I feel excited waking up early in the morning  and starting my day with sunbathing & sun gazing. Taking care of my body gives me immense joy & content. I have also seen great improvement in my energy level, even on the days of fast my energy level is high & I can effortlessly run around & work all day long just on water.


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