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Ruffa reverses PCOS, acne & hair fall within 6 months

Ruffa Monteros suffered from PCOS, acne & hair fall for a very long time. She tried number of treatments in the past, but nothing worked. Understanding the real cause behind her problems & empowering herself with the right knowledge helped her to reverse all her health problems within 6 months.


                      Ruffa Monteros
                         25 year old
              YouTube Content Creator
               Tagum City, 
                  Diseases Reversed
    PCOS, hair fall, thyroid imbalance &                                     acne 

          Date of Workshop attended
                       Did not attend
                   Time taken to cure
                          6 months

                     Email address


"Bad things happen for a reason and we must learn from them. For me, this journey opened the door to the truth. And, my diseases turned out to be blessing in disguise. If I had not suffered, I wouldn't have known the truth."


I had suffered from PCOS, hair fall, imbalanced thyroid & most heartbreaking of all, acne for the last 15 years. I have tried so many treatments & remedies in the past. I went from doctor to doctor, tried different medications, pills, topical solutions & natural remedies hoping they will help me. They did work, but only for sometime, and afterwards the diseases, the pain, came back much worsened. Little did I know that the problems I was facing were in truth warning signals given by my body. I did not realize that there was something seriously wrong inside my body that needed to be addressed immediately and that is why medicines never worked because they were just cover-ups not the real cure.


I feel so glad & blessed that 7 months ago, I bumped into a video by Satvic Movement on YouTube explaining the real reason behind the occurrence of diseases in our body and how can we gain our health back. The knowledge shared in the video strongly resonated with what I had been seeking for so many years in my journey of finding the truth. After watching that one video everything made sense to me and I understood the power of eating the right food & following the right habits on our health.


Even though I started making improvements in my diet 4 years ago but saw no real improvements. But, now after being enlightened with the right knowledge, I understand why I wasn't able to heal. No one can truly heal when they are clogged up from the inside. I realized that there were harmful toxins in my body that were causing all these problems. These toxins arise in the body due to many years of following wrong habits & eating the wrong food and serve as a wall, a barricade. No matter how healthy I ate my body was never able to absorb the nutrition. But, now after following the satvic lifestyle for the last few months, I can attest that fasting & sunbathing are one of the best ways to heal our body from the inside. And enema & wet pack are very powerful tools to speed up the elimination process of toxins from the body.


I am in the 7th month of following this lifestyle and no words can express how this journey has reformed me & reinvented my whole life. It not only did heal my acne & PCOS but now my hair grow much healthier & stronger. It is just not my physical body that has changed, I can feel my self changing spiritually as well The moment I wake up, I feel that happiness & joy that everybody around is seeking every day. For me, this wisdom of enlightenment is much precious than any other treasure in the world. Never in my life did I think that I would be sharing so much pain, soul-destroying, confidence killing story with anyone. Bad things happen for a reason and we must learn from them. For me, this journey has opened the door of truth and my disease turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If I had not suffered I would have not known the truth.


The goal of Satvic Movement is to bring us back to Mother Nature, to the real way of living. If we put something dead into our bodies how can it give life to us? The food we put in our bodies should come directly from God's kitchen, from our bountiful Mother Nature. We humans out of all the species on this planet are experiencing the various kinds of fatal diseases because we are so distant from the nature. Imagine if we all follow the laws of nature, there will be no pain, no disease & no killing in this world. I feel grateful to Satvic Movement for sharing this message with the whole world. 

I am glad & honored to be able to share this wonderful truth with the world.



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