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Ruchi reverses PCOD, sinusitis, hypothyroidism & sheds 15 kg in 3 months

Thyroid? PCOD? Sinusitis? Excess weight? Or 12 broken bones? Which of these diseases was Ruchi suffering from? Well, to all our surprises it was not one, not two, but each and every single one of it. A bigger surprise? 3 months and there was no trace of either of these health problems left in her body. From being told she won't be able to walk, to not only running around the house, but also having lost over 15 kgs. What is this miraculous story of Ms Ruchi? It’s surely not all hunky-dory. Come let's find out.

                         Ruchi Kedia 
                          25 year old

                           Profession                                            Chartered Accountant

                   Diseases reversed

        PCOD, thyroid, sinusitis & excess                                     weight

                  Workshop attended
                        29th May, 2020
                     Time taken to heal
                           3 months

         Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet pack
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
                       Email address


"From that video I just knew anything and everything was possible. Even at my lowest I knew Satvic would get me out of it. "


Old Lifestyle 

Sitting at the desk for 12 hours, running through the financial accounts of various clients, I was 77 kg, frustrated and angry in the mind, and always low on energy in the body. The first thing to grab when moving off of my bed was a handkerchief. A companion more constant in my life of nose blockage, than my actual human friends. 8 medicines a day to tackle Thyroid, PCOD and weight had become the new normal and just at the age of 24, I could see life draining out of me slowly and gradually. Little did I know of what lied ahead of me.   


Ruchi before following the Satvic Lifestyle (2018)


New Lifestyle 

Getting inspired by the videos on Satvic Movement’s video channel back in 2019, I started incorporating a few things here and there. A little enema once in a while, and changed my food to Satvic food. But yet wasn't religious about it. I was completely taken aback when I got on the scale and my weight was already down to 65 kg. 12 kg gone just like that? I was at the peak of my happiness, thinking do I even need anymore. And that's when life hit me and shook me to my core. I witnessed a terrible bus accident, got 12 fractures in my spine, and heard the doctor say “you won't be able to walk again for a very long time.” Couldn’t have seen that coming right? While I wish god never does that to anybody, I am utterly blessed that it happened to me. Because that accident eventually showed me a way of life that I could have never imagined for myself. Want a glimpse?



May 2020, I attended an online juice fast, and that opened the door to this beauty of nature that I had never seen before. Knowing the science behind sunbathing, enema and wet packs, witnessing the power of fasting, and being introduced to the rainbow colors that one can create on their plate with satvic food, my life was now elevating. 3 months into the lifestyle, following all things prescribed, not only did all my diseases completely fade away, but I was now at 51 kg. Having lost another 15 kg, I was now the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. And yet, those were just the first few benefits. What I gained from this lifestyle was so much more. 


 Ruchi enjoying her trip to the hills after following the Satvic lifestyle (2020)

Biggest Benefits 

Yes, Happiness had made its way back in to my life, everyone around started asking me, " Hey! what have you done to yourself? I want to know." The energy that I earlier lacked all the time, was now overflowing. What was also overflowing was my grocery list with nuts and colorful veggies. The lifestyle was working its magic not only on my body, but had also started showing results on my mind now. I started enjoying my own company and never felt so calm and composed before. Yoga and meditation have become my new Go-to's. And to top it all, what new came so much more naturally to me was a sound and peaceful sleep. 

While I entered the Satvic community thinking it would be a diet change or a routine change, what it truly gave me was a new way of looking at life altogether. 

And now, I'm unstoppable. 



Ms Ruchi has been following the satvic lifestyle since May 2020. She came across Satvic Movement in 2019, when the only change she incorporated was Satvic Food in her diet. Through her healing days of surgery too, she accompanied her regular treatment with this food. 

After the juice fast in May 2020, she started doing all five steps religiously - enema, 16 hour fasting, Wet pack, satvic food, sunbathing - for the first three months. Enema and Wet pack were done for the first 21 days, and then only when needed. She has lost 17 kg since the time she began in 2019. She’s still going strong and has not seen a relapse ever since. 


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