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Lagan reverses his sinusitis & learns to breathe again within a month

Lagan Puri had been suffering from chronic sinusitis from the past 5 years. He had accepted that his entire life would be spent with a blocked nose and an Otrivin in his pocket. This is not just a story of reversing diseases. It is a story of perseverance, a story of faith, a story of an undaunting spirit.

                         Lagan Puri
                         40 year old
                           Profession                                                    Indian Army
                   Diseases reversed


                  Workshop attended

  • Immunity Workshop (September 2020)
  • 3 day Juice Fast (Sept 2020)
                     Time taken to cure
                           1 month
                      Email Address 


"Initially, it was difficult to get used to this routine. But I had made up my mind, and there was no looking back.”

The suffering 

I had been suffering from chronic sinusitis for the past 5 years. Both my nasal passages were completely blocked. As per doctors, the problem existed because of nasal polyps. I was given two choices. One, to get a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) done. In which the surgeon will insert a small tube with a tiny camera into the nostrils and the polyps will be surgically removed. And the other one was to keep using Otrivin (nasal drops), to clear out the blockage, again and again, and again. 

The first one didn’t guarantee permanent results. I heard from some of friends & relatives that once removed, the polyps would come back again. So there was no sense in choosing the first option.

Eliminating one, I didn’t have a choice anymore. Using nasal drops was the only option I had.

These nasal drops soon took over as one of the most essential things of my life. You would have found a nasal drop on the side of my bed, in the cabinet of my car, on the desk of my office, in the pocket of my bag. Everywhere. 

Using one before sleeping, then again waking up at 02:00 in the night to put a few drops again was a ritual. Spending 2 hours of the day without using one was unthinkable. 


Following the path 

My mother came across Sapna Janghir’s story of healing from Sinusitis on Satvic Movement’s YouTube Channel. I thought of giving it a try. I had nothing to lose. 

I reached out to the Satvic team for a clear guidance plan. From 1st September 2020, I & my wife started following the yellow plan for 21 days, that too very religiously.

This is one of the first emails from Lagan Ji. He is starting his 21-day plan

We began our day with ash gourd juice followed by fruit, then satvic roti-sabji for lunch, and finally a salad or a soup for dinner. I did regular enemas, sunbathed on our terrace for half an hour each day, and applied a wet pack during the afternoon.

Lagan ji enjoying his beetroot roti with Satvic pumpkin sabji

In between the 21 day cycle, I also registered for a Juice Fast. In my entire life, I had never done a fast before. I thought, how can someone even stay on an empty stomach? Don’t they get acidity refluxes? But, now I’ve realised it is the easiest and the most effective thing to do.

Initially, it was difficult to get used to this routine. But I had made up my mind, and there was no looking back.

This is Lagan Ji’s picture from Juice Fast. He is enjoying the ABC juice

My first uninterrupted breathing

On the 7th day, I saw the first changes in my breathingLagan's email to the Satvic team on 7th day of following the lifestyle

On the 10th day, 2 hours went by, and I didn’t use a nasal drop, 4 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours… And I didn’t need a nasal drop. There were fluctuations in my breathing pattern. Sometimes the right nostril opened up, sometimes the left. My wife examined my nostrils with a mobile torch & camera from time to time, and she saw the swelling shifting, and finally subsiding. The previous day was the last time I had used a nasal drop. 

I had cured my sinusitis. 

Lagan ji's email after following the 21 day plan

Along with Sinus, I also had a lot of warts, on my neck, chin, face & head. I used to get them removed by laser surgery. For sinusitis, my wife saw the subsiding swelling, I couldn't see it with my eyes. But in the case of warts, I witnessed the change for myself. I saw them reducing in size and finally vanishing in 21 days.


What I gained is immeasurable 

Earlier my wife couldn’t sleep because of my snoring, now there was no more snoring. Earlier I had severe acidity, now there is not even a trace of it. Earlier I considered it normal to get tired by the end of the day. Now, my days are bustling with freshness and energy. Earlier I couldn’t think of taking cold showers, now, every morning I enjoy taking one.

My mind stays fresh, there is no more irritability or anger. I know the real cause doesn’t sit in the air conditioner or the winter season, it sits right there, within us, in the form of toxic filth. Remove this dirt and there is no more sinus, no more acidity, no more disease.

Lagan ji's email after following the lifestyle for two months. He shares he has completely reversed his sinusitis

I am deeply grateful towards Satvic Movement. You have completely transformed my life. Now, my only intention is to spread this message to many-many people & motivate them to follow this lifestyle. 

God has given this human life to each one of us. It is up to us, how we spend it. In fighting disease & distress, or by enjoying it in the realm of nature.


If you too want to break the chains of disease & distress ,registerfor our upcoming Health Transformation Workshop and take the first step towards a disease free life!

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