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Esha reverses high blood sugar levels & heals her surgical wound

Afflicted by excruciating pain & high blood sugar levels, Esha Joshi felt her life unwinding. Bounced between different medical professionals she struggled to find the right treatment. Neither pain pills nor homeopathic medicines provided any relief. After months of suffering, Esha decided to take her health into her own hands and changed her eating & lifestyle habits & within a few months she was able to bring down her sugar levels.


                            Esha Joshi
                           36 year old

                       Benefits gained 
      Lowered blood sugar level, lost weight

             Date of Workshop attended
                         9th May 2019
                      Time taken to cure
                             2 months

                       Email address


"I couldn't walk, sit or sleep because of my wound. Blood and puss were coming out of it every day. But, it wasn't it, only after a few days, I found a new puss forming in the same area. I immediately went to the doctor and was informed that the problem has reached stage 2. And, as I started following the Satvic lifestyle, all my problems resolved one by one. My blood sugar came down to 118 from whopping 338. The bleeding and secretion of puss have entirely stopped. "


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? Any health problems?Any fitness goals?

In January 2019, I was coming back from an official trip to Delhi, when suddenly I experienced a sharp painful sensation in my hind area because of which, I was not even able to sit or walk properly. I had never experienced something like that in my life before. The next day, I went to see a doctor, and was informed that I was suffering from something called Perianal abscess, which is a disease, where pus is formed in the tissue around the anus and rectum area. Doctors straightaway told me to go for a surgery, as I had no other option, I decided to do it. Honestly, that was the worst experience of my life, it was excruciatingly painful. They had made an almost 2.25 inches hole in my rectum area to drain out the puss and there was this large open wound in my body that had me suffering from pain for the next 2 months. I couldn't walk, sit or sleep because of it. Blood and puss were coming out of the wound every day. But, it wasn't it, only after a few days, I found a new puss forming in the same area. I immediately went to the doctor, but, he discarded my concern by saying that it is normal, and it happens, but, I knew that there was something wrong, so, I went to see another doctor, who told me that the problem has reached a stage 2. I was again asked to undergo a surgery, but, this time I right away said no. I was done suffering, and I couldn't put my body under more torture. Early in March, I decided to see a homoeopathic doctor. I did a 3-month course of homoeopathy medicines, but, I wasn't seeing any results, as my blood sugar level was very high because of which the wound was not able to heal. To bring down my blood sugar level, I started cutting out food like sugar, rice, coffee, etc from my diet. I started feeling better, but my wound was still not completely healed. Around June, I saw Subah's YouTube videos, at the same time, I was seeking some guidance to change my diet. Attending the Workshop and talking to Subah dispelled all my doubts. I still clearly remember my conversation with Subah, I was disturbed and was desperately seeking some help, and she told me to simply believe in mother nature and follow the satvic lifestyle. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey. 

After attending Subah's workshop and watching her videos, I felt so much empowered and motivated. Now, I had this new knowledge with me and a mew born hope within to get back to my healthier self. My determination to heal my self made me follow the complete satvic lifestyle religiously. I followed all the rules, did intermittent fasting, wet packs, changed my diet that consisted of unhealthy processed food to natural whole foods. After the workshop, I felt my complete perspective on fasting changed. I realized the power it has and the magic it can cast on our health. I feel fasting was this one thing, that has helped me the most during my healing journey. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

I can not put it in words, how happy and grateful I am that I came across that one video on YouTube, that has totally changed the course of my life. All my problems were resolved one by one. My blood sugar level has decreased drastically. It came down to 118 from whopping 338. The bleeding and secretion of puss have entirely stopped. There is no more pain and no more sleepless nights. Not to mention, I was always a fat kid, and have struggled with the weight for most of my life. But, with this lifestyle, I lost an astounding 14 kg in a matter of months. But, most importantly, this knowledge has brought happiness and peace back in my life. I can not explain how happy and relieved I felt after seeing my reports. Apart from all this, I feel so much more active and energetic. I still find it difficult to believe that only a year back I was this dispirited person, who had lost all hope and joy in life. But, now when I look at my reflection, I see this happy person teeming with life and vitality. And, the fact that all this was possible just because I changed my diet and lifestyle, still blows my mind. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

I was never an angry person. Since childhood, I had this joyous, carefree attitude towards life. But, after I was diagnosed with Perianal abscess, my mental peace and happiness were completely shattered. I still recall those moments, where I found myself crying in the back of the cabs on my way to work. During those devastating moments I found myself questioning everything, I had become this angry and frustrated person who had no hope in life. I couldn't stop thinking about the problem, every day I dreaded my existence. This diseases not only made my physical health miserable but, also damaged my mental and emotional well being. Following the laws of mother nature and learning to love my body through the food I eat, has helped me rediscover my old, happy free-spirited self. 


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? A place where everyone lives in sync with nature. What do you picture?

Happiness. That's the first word that comes to my mind when I think of a world like this. People will be much calmer and happier. There will be no stress, no tension, no hatred, just pure love for each other and mother nature. There will be no more facades and people can be their true authentic selves. 


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