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Darshika cures her skin & hair problems and lost 10 kg

Darshika Jain 


                        Darshika Jain
                          31 year old
                      Benefits gained
           Lost weight, Cured hair fall &                                 skin problems
            Date of Workshop attended
                      Did not attend
                  Time taken to cure
                         3 months

                       Email address



"This journey had been transformational for me. Not only I regained my health & cured my stomach problems, but, I also started feeling more aligned and in connection with my body. I feel great on both physical as well as mental level." 


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle?

Just after a few months into my marriage, I started gaining weight because of my wrong lifestyle and eating habits. I had gained 15 kilos in a very short span. Soon, it started taking a toll on my mental health as well. I used to feel frustrated and lethargic. I went about trying many fad diets and consulting various dietitians in order to bring my weight under control. I also watched many YouTube videos. But, I was neither able to understand and trust any of the information, nor was I getting any results. Once I started gaining weight other aspects of my health also started deteriorating one by one. I was diagnosed with fibroids, my periods started fluctuating, my face started looking dull and lifeless and I was losing ton of hair every day. All this made me feel helpless. Amidst my search for solutions and diet plans on YouTube I came across Subah's videos. And, after watching the videos I was assured that whatever she said was completely true and immediately felt motivated to follow her advice. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey. 

First and the most viable thing I decided to do was intermittent fasting. Only after a day I could feel the difference n my body. I lost half a kilo in just few hours. It was enough to motivate me to follow the complete lifestyle. I completely changed my diet plan, and cut out all the junk, processed and packaged food from my diet. After that, I also started taking enema, doing sunbathing and applying wet pack.


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

Due to my weight gain, I have gotten into the habit of checking my weight every day. Losing weight had become my life's motive. I was working everyday to get back in shape and feel healthy again. I had this dream that one day my weight will show less on scale. And just within a month of following the satvic lifestyle it came true. I lost 10 kilos in 1 month. I could feel the improvement in the quality of my skin and hair. My hair fall decreased drastically and my periods also regularized. It was at the end of this first month when I had my birthday and I couldn't help but post before-&-after pictures of myself on social media. I feel much more energetic now and there is rarely any tiredness throughout the day. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

We are jains and we are already aware of the food habits that our culture has taught us. Like eating after 2 hours of sunrise, eating the last meal of the day before sunset. We had all this knowledge but it was somewhere buried under all the superficial facade of modern knowledge. Or, maybe somewhere along the way we started attaching those habits to religion and  did not care to understand the reason and logic behind it. However, when Subah explained the same knowledge and explained the logic that it works on, it was like a rediscovery of the truth and suddenly everything made sense. Now, more than ever I feel connected to our culture's age old traditions and rituals. 

To anyone who wishes to cure any disease, or wants to lose weight or simply stay healthy. Going to different nutritionists and dietitians will bring no benefit. You just have to follow a satvic lifestyle and automatically you will see the results in time.


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