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Anjali reverses hypothyroidism & regularizes her periods within 2 months

Anjali Gupta


                        Anjali Gupta
                         26 year old
                        PhD Scholar

                  Benefits gained
               Cured Hypothyroidism,                       regularized periods & lost weight

            Date of Workshop attended
                     5th January 2019
                  Time taken to cure
                         2 months

                      Email address




"I had gained 20 kg & my menstrual cycle also started fluctuating. I was confused and frustrated. The doctors started giving me medication to forcefully induce my periods and then another medicine to stop excess bleeding. I felt like a puppet in the hands of doctors. Honestly, I was not expecting results so fast, only after a month of following the Satvic lifestyle, I got my periods naturally, my TSH level came down & I lost 10 kg."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? 

In 2015, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I knew it was because of my sedentary student lifestyle. In the beginning, like everyone, I relied on conventional allopathic treatments and medicines to control and balance my TSH levels. But, even after months of being on regular medication, I was seeing no change in my levels. Discouraged, I sought the help of ayurvedic medicines, but even that wasn't showing any improvements. Meanwhile, doctors kept on increasing my medication dose every month. In the process, I had gained 20 kg and my menstrual cycle also started fluctuating. I was confused & frustrated as I did not know which way to go. The worse came when the doctors started giving me medications to forcefully induce my periods every month and then another medicine to stop excess bleeding. It was stifling. I started feeling like a puppet in the hands of doctors. I soon realized that this approach is tremendously flawed and started researching more and more about the disease and alternate cures. I knew I couldn't rely on medicines anymore and have to take my health in my own hands. By god's grace, in October 2018, I came across Subah's video on YouTube, in which she was telling about the healing power inside us and how she was able to cure thyroid and PCOD without medication. To learn more, I started researching nature cure and how eating healthy can cure a disease. I found many documentaries and blogs talking about the same. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

The first step I took was to discard all my medicines and change my diet completely. Since November 2018, I haven't taken a single pill. Gradually, I started incorporating the satvic lifestyle in my life. I made intermittent fasting, wet packs, sunbathing, enema, pranayama and an essential part of my routine and followed them religiously. To keep myself motivated along the way, I regularly watched Subah's videos. And, I wasn't doing it just because I was asked to, but I genuinely felt the truth behind the satvic philosophy. In my spare time, I started reading and researching more and more about the role of diet and the importance of fasting in maintaining good health. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

It has done miracles for me. Honestly, I was not expecting results so fast, only after a month, I got my periods naturally and my TSH level also came down. Enema of which I was so scared of in the beginning, to my surprise was so easy to follow and absolutely painless. It has completely cured my constipation and I no more feel bloated. I have lost 10 kg so far. Moreover, the quality of my hair & skin has improved multifold. I can not express it in words, but once you start doing it, you start feeling light like a feather. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?

Pranayama is something I love doing as I could sense harmony between my mind, body and soul. It kind of triggers happiness, peace and calmness in my thought process. I am almost always happy, positive and full of enthusiasm no matter what. And, even if a bad day happens, I bounce back quickly to my happy state which is amazing as it increases my productive time. Sungazing has really improved my concentration amazingly. I can feel a tremendous change in my concentration level and focus, the other day even my supervisor asked if I was taking any kind of brain supplements. But, the best part of this journey was meeting so many amazing people and being a part of the satvic family. 



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