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Vidhi's journey of reducing psoriasis, weight & anxiety, all in 30 days

A sudden and unexpected change in the education system only when she was in 12th Standard, only the most important year of her school life, wasn't the only bad news for her in 2020. Along with increasing quarantine days, what was also increasing was the weight on her body, psoriasis on her skin, and teen anxiety on her mind. Meanwhile, the only thing that wasn't increasing was her confidence. And that clearly wasn't good news either.

But how would 18-year-old find use of a Satvic Lifestyle as an answer to her school problems, family problems, body image problems, and education problems? We’ve got to find out.


       Vidhi Badiyani
                       18 years old
              Nagpur, Maharashtra
                   Diseases reversed

        Psoriasis, excess weight, anxiety

                  Workshop attended                        Juice Fast Workshop (July 2020) 
                  Time taken to heal
                          3 month

      Satvic Lifestyle steps followed 

  • 16 hour fasting
  • Enema
  • Wet packs
  • Satvic food plan
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga
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“The first time I was recommended hormonal pills, I almost instantly said no. It just didn't sound right. One year later, not only was I heavily dependent on them, but had also found a companion for them, Anti Depressant pills”


Self Sabotage 

I had always been a thin and weak kid, being teased for fainting if I stood in the sun for more than a few minutes. Being called a “sukhi dandi'' when I would pass by the school corridors. Being the last one to be picked in soccer practice, because nobody wanted a slow runner in their team. Always returning back to my room with tears in my eyes, hating to even look at myself. And that is when my parents decided to take matters into their own hands. And what they filled my hands with was cheese, butter, and ghee. This was their answer. Eat fat to become bigger. And that is what I did.


Vidhi's nails before and after following the Satvic Lifestyle

Who knew getting “too big” was also an option. Because from a “sukhi dandi”, I had now gone to what they called a “phoola hua gubara” (an inflated balloon). And the issues of being overweight had officially entered my life. I couldn't quite decide which one was worse. Being underweight, or overweight.

Either way, I found myself on my bathroom floor, sobbing, and looking through YouTube videos of people with perfect bodies talking in their perfect voice telling the world a perfectly crafted “what I eat in a day.” But none of it felt perfect. After trying various diets, workouts and suggestions, I only felt worse about myself with each passing day. Psoriasis on my nails and face was increasing. My weight had already touched 69 kg, and mirrors had become my biggest enemies. My mother was now booking appointments for physiotherapy sessions for the constant pain in my back and legs, and medicines of all kinds were entering our home to deal with my so-called autoimmune diseases.

Until one day in late May, while searching through the net about immunity, I landed upon Satvic Movement’s “Know Your Immunity Score” YouTube video. At once I got curious to know how bad was I with my immunity. As anticipated, it gave me my immunity score. Like anticipated, it was poor - 4/8.

But what was completely unanticipated was the reason given to me behind my lack of immunity. It wasn't what I had been seeing in all these perfect but no solution videos. It was finally giving a solution and it was one that I had never heard before - NATURE.

What does nature know about a teenager’s problems?

I instantly grabbed a notebook and a pen with this surprising energy that I had not felt in the longest time and I started writing. Let's see what this realignment with nature is all about!


Journey with Nature

The first thing I was told - 16-hour fasting. I tried it - super easy. Didn't even realize where those 16 hours went with sleep and early morning studying.

The second thing the video said - sunbathing. Now my relationship with the sun had been an embarrassing one. Always bringing back hurtful memories of nausea, fainting, and waking up to “Miss Delicate” taunts from people.

So it was time to rebuild my relationship with the sun. I started with 20 minutes of sunbathing, in the right clothing, and at the right time, and I was surprised to see my energy change in a few days. So much so that not only did I take my sunbathing for up to 40 minutes, but I also started doing sungazing and Surya namaskars in it each day.

Vidhi having pure Satvic salad for lunch

The third thing on the list - Satvic Food. This wasn't as difficult for me, and as it was for my family. I wanted to go vegan, and my parents had a strong opinion against it. Having our own cows and having fresh milk delivered from the farm straight to our home, was a privilege they said that I was being too foolish to give up on. Considering the fact that they were now being asked to let go of their old habit of making sure their 18-year-old is being fed with enough food every 2 hours, they obviously weren't very happy. However, I stuck to my decision and decided to turn my meals more and more Satvic. Giving up my old heavy breakfasts and shifting to fruits was difficult at first. Because each morning, my nose would suddenly be welcomed with the fragrance of parathas and pickles. But one week into the lifestyle and I got my hack. To handle my cravings, all I did was to shift my grain meal from 2 pm to 12 pm instead. Having fruits at 10 am, knowing that barely in two hours I could have my grain meal quickly gave me all the satisfaction I needed.

Vidhi detoxifying her body with wet packs

It had been 15 days in July that I had been following all these steps, and my Psoriasis had significantly reduced, and I was filled with energy. So while my parents were not agreeing with my decisions, my body was.

And just then, Satvic Movement came up with a way to get my parents to be convinced too.


A 3-day Juice Fast 

Both my mother and my father joined me and stayed with me on juices for three days. My mother, who would otherwise need injections if she didn't eat food every few hours, was shocked at how she had gone three days on juices and yet felt so amazing. My father too was so convinced that he decided to begin the Satvic lifestyle and even lost 5 kg in 15 days right after the juice fast. They finally let me begin doing enemas and wet packs too now that they saw themselves what I had been raving about all this while. After that Juice Fast in August, I followed it up with another juice fast workshop in September, and also the Satvic Life Program in November.

Vidhi enjoying her green juice during her 3 day juice fast

From July to November, 5 months into the lifestyle, and I had lost a shocking 10 kg. My psoriasis was now completely gone, and the confidence that I had lacked all my life, had finally made its appearance in my life.

I had lost weight earlier in life too, but that was because I hated my body.
But Satvic Movement helped me love my body again. And quite honestly, I didn't even realize when and how I lost all that weight.

At Satvic, we call it ‘Waste’ and not ‘Weight’.
And I am very happy to have lost the waste from my body, my mind, and my life.


If you too suffer from any of these symptoms and wish to live a disease-free and a pain-free life, today is the day to give yourself that gift. Sign up for our Health Transformation Workshop and let joy return to your life. 

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