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59 year old Sujata, cures high blood pressure, sinusitis & spondilytis

Sujata Bedre from Mumbai cured her multiple health issues within 4 months. Earlier she used to take 6-7 medicines every day, but following the Satvic lifestyle, not only put her off the medicines but also cured her health problems permanently.


Sujata Bedre
59 year old
Thane, Mumbai

Diseases Reversed
High blood pressure, sinusitis & spondylitis 

Date of Workshop attended
9th February, 2019
Time taken to cure
2 months

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"I had multiple health issues for which I was taking 6-7 medicines every day. After following this lifestyle and changing my diet, I don't take even a single medicine. All my health problems are gone for good."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? Any health problems?Any fitness goals?
I was suffering from multiple health issues including high blood pressure, sinusitis, spondylitis, weight problems, and cholesterol. I was in the habit of taking 6-7 medicines every day, which had many side effects for me. If I took medicines, it had an effect on my weight and when I used to stop, my diseases would aggravate. So, I was stuck into the cycle of medicines and diseases and was not able to figure out, how to get out of it all. But, when I attended Subah's workshop, I became clear on how to permanently cure myself. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.

My daughter and I started following the satvic lifestyle together. We got into the habit of doing every step and following every guideline religiously. We have been doing everything enema, wet packs, sunbathing, sun gazing, pranayama and eating healthy for the last 3 months. The most surprising thing is that we used to be hardcore non-vegetarians, but after following this lifestyle, we don't even feel the craving for non-veg food. I have also quit tea, which used to be a must for me every morning, I take herbal tea instead of it now, and honestly, I don't feel any difference. It all becomes easier to follow if you realize that only food is the cause and only food is the cure of our diseases. 


What are the benefits you received by following the Satvic lifestyle?

To begin with, I have lost 9kg in the past few months, and being 59 years old my energy level is always high. I am on the way to completely stop my medicines, right now I only take 3 medicines. All my health issues are resolved. And, I do not have sinus, high blood pressure, spondylitis or any other health problem anymore. 

I have even started doing yoga, and I can literally feel my body becoming more strong and flexible with each passing day. I am extremely thankful to Subah and the Satvic team for guiding me towards a natural lifestyle.

Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?
Yes, I feel so much love and devotion towards God now. I  am always full of positivism and optimism. It is like my whole perception of health and food has changed. Earlier, I used to eat mindlessly because of which my thoughts and mental clarity were always unclear and misguided. But, this lifestyle has opened up my eyes and now I can see through the superficiality of everything. 


Can you imagine a world without diseases & medicines? A place where everyone lives in sync with nature. What do you picture?
Yes, I totally agree with this idea, we all should live a natural life. All our actions should be motivated out of love and honor for ourselves and others. I have realized that everybody, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, advertisements all are a part of a big plan to earn money by misguiding and fooling us.

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