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Dheeraj lost 10 kg and reversed his high blood pressure in 1 month

Dheeraj Mishra talks about his weight loss journey and how he cured his 6 year old High blood pressure without medicines, by changing his lifestyle and food habits.


Dheeraj Mishra
32 year old
Thane, Mumbai

Benefits Received
Lost weight & cured high blood pressure

Date of Workshop attended
19th May 2019
Time taken to cure
 1 month

Email address

"Just after a month of following the Satvic Lifestyle, I felt great changes in my overall health. My weight came down to 96kg from 106kg, moreover, I am continuing to shed 400 gm every day."


Why did you start following the Satvic lifestyle? Any health problems? Any fitness goals?
Around 6 years ago  I started gaining weight, and I had gained so much weight in such a short period that I was put under the category of Obese. I was more than 100 kg. Along with excess weight came diseases like high blood pressure for which I was taking high doses of medicines regularly. I was so sick that my doctor recommended me to stay away from any kind of physical excursions like gym and sports. But, I knew I had to lose weight and get back to my fit self. I tried everything; gym, dieting, fasting but nothing seemed to work. After watching Subah's videos, I became hopeful and instantly followed her advice and incorporated some changes in my daily life. The results I experienced were so quick and apparent that I decided to attend Subah's workshop. 


What did you start doing? Tell us about your healing journey.
The Health Transformation Workshop changed my life. The knowledge Subah shared in the workshop had a deep impact on my mind and I started following the Satvic Lifestyle from the very next day. I did intermittent fasting, drank Ash-gourd juice, ate satvic food and read the given books and plans.


What are the benefits you received after following the Satvic lifestyle?
Just after a month of following the satvic lifestyle, I felt great changes in my overall health. My weight came down to 96 kg from 106 kg, moreover, I am continuing to shed 400 gm every day. My blood pressure is normal and I have much more mental clarity and mental peace. And for this, I did not do any major change in my life or starved my self or spent hours in the gym. The mantra for health is simple, eat good wholesome food and keep your mind and spirit at peace. 


Apart from the physical changes, have you noticed any mental or spiritual changes?
As I mentioned earlier, my mental clarity has increased and I feel more energetic. I no longer get angry or irritated over small matters. Overall, I feel happy and at peace. 


Can you imagine a world without disease & medicines? A place everyone lives in sync with nature. What do you picture?
Yes, this world is possible if all of us start living a natural life. If we all become conscious about what we eat and live in sync with nature. Definitely, we will soon see a world that is much happier and healthier. 


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